UAE Labour Law and Labour Lawyers

July 21, 2020

UAE Labour Law and Labour Lawyers

There is no doubt in it that Labour & Employment Lawyers are meant to be experts of UAE Labour Law, having expertise in Labour & Employment Law, have provided the services very successfully and have the capacity to serve people and companies in their Labour & Employment Disputes. The question is what is UAE Labour Law indeed and how does it govern and help others. Federal Law No. 8 of 1980 manages the UAE Labour Law. It defines the Labour & Employment Rules created for Employers and Employees as well as Businesses in UAE. UAE Labour Law is designed very beautifully and implemented very strictly. It means that the right of every party is protected and the UAE Labour Law is implemented without any discrimination. Labour & Employment Lawyers can be hired to understand the UAE Labour Law.   

UAE Labour Law tells us about every party involved in the Labour Agreement, their duties and obligations, the compensation trends and criteria, recruitment criteria, recruitment process, obligations made by the Labour Ministry on Employers and the rules made for employees by the same Labour Ministry. Law is defined with several Articles, throws light on different topics and defines in a very elaborate manner. Whenever it was required modifications and upgrades were done but since the beginning, a very splendid set of rules were designed by the Labour Ministry and UAE Government. For example, Article 1 tells us about the Employer, Employee, Wage, Salary, Injury at work, Basic and total salary, compensations etc. Article 120 tells us about dismissals and terminations. Article 2 tells us about the official language used. Article 3 tells us about the Implementations of Law in different sectors & categories. Few articles tell us about the type of Calendar used, Compensations awarded to either party, etc. It defines the process of hiring like Offer Letter, Labour Agreements, Labour Cards, Medical, Insurance etc. It tells us about types of Employment Contracts, calculation of End of Service Benefits etc. It tells us about the importance of a license to open a business. It tells us about the Fines and Penalties on the company who allow workers to work without any paperwork/labour agreement. It also tells us about the penalties and fines on the persons working on Visit VISA or working by not having an employment VISA. It also throws light on the Child Labour. Article 20 states that Children less than 15 can not be employed. 

The Best Emirati Lawyers in UAE

These are the few examples which we are giving you from UAE Labour Law. UAE Labour Law is designed by experts. It is designed by one of the Best Lawyers in UAE. We can also say one of the Best Lawyers in the world because they have mastery over multiple legal issues, matters, knowledge and subjects. UAE Labour Law can also be understood, by consulting a Labour & Employment Lawyer. It does not mean and it does not require to memorise the UAE Labour Law if you are not from the same industry. Therefore if you have to understand a few points related to your case/matter or dispute then you can get the consultancy from Labour Law Lawyers and Legal Consultants. UAE is a country where migrants from different countries are working and living. Therefore it was much needed to set up a set of rules which could govern people, businesses, companies and create a peaceful business environment in the region. Credit goes to the UAE government. Labour Ministry and Officials for this amazing job. It is also suggested to check with Government Departments, and Lawyers before moving ahead and taking legal action. Blog Posts are created to discuss matters and spread awareness. Laws are made to protect people only. It does not mean to overrule others and snatch the independence they have. Some people mind Zero Tolerance Policy in UAE if they commit a mistake or crime, but trust us this is very good for the people living in the UAE. Mostly the people are expatriates. They live with their style e.g. as per Culture, Mindset, Thoughts, Religious Policies, Customs and desires. It would be a mess to manage millions of expatriates in the UAE if the Laws will not be perfectly implemented. Credit goes to UAE government who has drafted the laws to cover every aspect of life, business and society. Credit goes to UAE government who makes sure that people are safe and sound and living here with happiness. Judicial Systems, Lawyers, Law Firms, Laws, etc these are also a big support for people in UAE.