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Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney POA or Power of Attorney means to authorize a person, agent or company. There are a few types of POA or Power of Attorneys like Special Power of Attorney and General Power of Attorney etc as well. A person who can legally act on behalf of others, because he is authorized is …

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Legal Positions and Dubai Lawyers

Legal Positions and Dubai Lawyers Lawyers are a diverse group of individuals with different personalities, backgrounds, and skills. There are some of the skills which are more common among the successful lawyers in Dubai. The legal position varies greatly in terms of scope and responsibilities. Still, there are certain core skills that are needed and …

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Labour Law UAE 1980 Amendments – Summary

Ministry of Human Resources, MOHRE has announced the revisions in UAE Labour Law 1980 which will come into force from Feb 2022. Law Firms in Dubai and their Lawyers in Dubai will definitely be approached to understand the Law. It has to be implemented first so the real-time consequences can not be discussed here. We …

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Arbitration Advantages and Disadvantages

How can we explain or define the Arbitration or Arbitration Process? Let’s try to figure it out today. It’s a process but outside the Court called as an alternative of dispute resolution. Please do not mix it with an amicable process conducted by the lawyers of both sides. It’s outside the court but it’s in …

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Legal Services of Lawyers in Dubai

Legal Services of Lawyers in Dubai The Lawyers/Advocates/Attorneys use to manage a wide scope of Labour & Employment issues/disputes and the Cases which are related to how employers treat employees, salaries on time, performance issues, behaviour issues, fail to meet the targets, stealing, cheating the company, previous workers and candidates for the business, as well …

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Labour & Employment Advocates For Help

Labour & Employment Advocates For Help:  Labour & Employment Advocates For Help. Labour & Employment Lawyers or Advocates are committed to providing legal support because these lawyers in UAE, are mostly the experts, talented, having professional education, license and good exposure to work. We are making the assumption that these lawyers are Emirati Lawyers only. …

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