Lawyers and Legal Consultants in Ajman

Ajman is the capital of the emirate of Ajman in the United Arab Emirates located in the Persian Gulf.  Ajman is the hub to companies, commercial markets and about approximately 50 international and local retail shops. Ajman is going under the period of growth. Places of tourist attraction are growing at a rapid rate such as hotels, shopping, and cultural destinations. Ajman is a headquarter to Arab heavy industries. Due to its location on the coast of Persian Gulf, Ajman controls two inland exclaves: Manama and Masfut , they are primarily agricultural. Ajman is very much popular for trade, businesses and manufacturing, for example, Al-Harmain perfumes and Amtek industries.

ASK THE LAW- Al Shaiba Advocates and legal consultants are rendering services in Ajman through their legal advocates in areas such as:

Labor law

Labor law is the law related to the relationship between workers, employers, trade unions and government. It defines the set of statutory rights, obligations, and responsibilities. We advise on labor law related issues such as:

  • Consultation on HR policies and employment contracts

  • Consultation on employees’ rights such as remuneration claims, employment benefits, and unfair dismissal.

  • Disciplinary matters

  • Redundancy matters

  • Representation in Court of Appeal, Labor Court and Supreme Court on

  • Employment-related cases.

  • Employment of children

lawyers in ajman

Criminal Law

Criminal cases such as drug possession, Alcohol crimes, insult crimes, theft crimes, domestic crimes, property crimes, weapon crimes etc.

Civil Cases

Civil law defines the rules regarding the rights and remedies of an individual. Example of civil law consists of property, family and legal contracts.


Tax related matters of nations and expat tax in Ajman includes tax returns by the individuals residing in Ajman are dealt by our advocates in accordance with laws prevailing in Ajman.


Litigation cases are the cases in which a lawsuit is filed by the plaintiff against the defendant.  Example: personal injury or tort, breach of contract, divorce, property disputes and family law.

Property Rentals And Intellectual Property

Transfer of property, succession and sale/purchase of property, rental issues related to property are all included in our legal services.


Arbitration is the tool to reach a logical agreement agreed by all disputed parties in various complex issues between different parties. A proper Arbitration procedure of justice is used by the solicitor. It avoids the dealing in corridors of the judiciary especially in cases such as spousal disputes, execution of contracts.  An example includes property disputes, universal trade, deals and purchases agreements, joint ventures, corporate agreements, bilateral investment treaties, speculation, and infrastructure etc.