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Employment Lawyers in Dubai

ASK THE LAW – Employment Lawyers in Dubai, apart from the individuals affected by Labour decisions, also advise large corporations and companies on handling Labour issues which can ultimately lead to damage to reputation. The Labour Market is full of complexities and with the promotion of new technologies these hurdles are sure to increase, freelancing, outsourcing, and numerous such business tactics have become popular due to such developments which are decreasing the cost of business but on the other hand leading to severe legal repercussions which need a careful study of international laws and codes of ethics. UAE Employment Law is well understood by our Emirati Employment Lawyers in Dubai. Employment Lawyers have to play an important role to perform. We are among Best Employment Lawyers in Dubai because we have performed and proven. There are many Labour Law Offices in Dubai but we are the No.1 Labour Law Office in Dubai and UAE due to several reasons. Labour Law Advice Dubai and Labor Law Advice UAE are best by Law Firm Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants, Ask The Law.

We are Labour & Employment Law Legal Experts

Labour & Employment Lawyers in Dubai – Emirati

Our Labour & Employment Law Legal Experts provide the best services to our clients in tackling Labour and employment disputes, saving costs, and better relationships with their employees and consumers. Over the years we have learned that pre-emption is the best cure for legal problems as it can prevent conflicts from rising during earlier stages. We guide our clients so that they can achieve regulatory compliance according to UAE Labour Laws in providing the best facilities and services for their employees and Labour.

Our Labour Lawyers in Dubai, an expert in UAE Labour Law, is the best for your Labour & Employment Disputes. We all know about this reality when there would be more options then there would be more dispute, whether it is Financial or Employment. Our Labour & Employment Lawyers in Dubai cover and manage Employment Disputes by offering result-oriented legal services. Our Labour & Employment Lawyers practicing in Dubai, have helped a large number of individuals and businesses in their Legal Needs regarding Labour & Employment matters. You can grab the details just by visiting ASK THE LAW.

Most Senior – Emirati Labour Lawyer in Dubai

Yes, we are the most senior and among one of the Best Law Firms, Emirati Labour Lawyers and Legal Consultants. Most Senior Labour Lawyers, Most Experienced Emirati Employment Lawyers, & Most Reliable Labour Lawyers in Dubai with Extensive Knowledge. Lawyer Mr Mohammad Ebrahim Hassan Al Shaiba writes in Gulf News and answers to legal queries. Our Law Firm has a separate and dedicated department to handle Labour & Employment Law Cases in UAE.

Are you looking for Emirati Labour and Employment Lawyers?

As we said above that our expert attorneys are also specialized outside the Court settlements as well as through the Court. The amicable settlement, Labour Court Cases, Settlement through Court, negotiations, in short, we explain everything and resolve every sort of employment dispute between the employer and the employee. We do not provide the legal services only, we do provide the legal support indeed, in a true sense so our client could reach the right conclusion. We proudly say that we are one of those Law Firms in Dubai, UAE who truly care for the interest of the Client.

Labour Law Firm for Free Zone and Main Land Companies

The companies and employees from Main Land Companies in Dubai and UAE as well as all the companies from Free Zones in Dubai and UAE do trust us. We have helped a very large number of enterprises, employers, CEOs, key service employees, and other employees in UAE until now and we will continue our custom to provide high-quality legal support and services. Book your consultation today and consult UAE’s top Emirati Lawyers and Legal Consultants. We make sure that our Clients could get success with a win-win approach. It is only possible when you are professional, dedicated, committed, experienced, and honest!

UAE Labour Law 2022

UAE Labour Law has been revised in 2022 and implemented from February 2022. Now the Companies are obliged to follow the new Labour Law UAE. It is not fully revised, but there is a lot of change. The speculation can be removed by checking with Emirati Labour and Employment Lawyers in this regard. The aim is to provide flexibility and better support to employees and the companies/employers. A quick 14 Days payment of EOSB is required once the Employment Contract is terminated and VISA is canceled. A quick 15 Days payment is required once the execution is filled. Read Here about Maternity Leave

Apart from this Full Time, Part Time and Flexible Timing have been introduced. Apart from this, a strict implementation is made sure. The New UAE Labour Law creates also the flexibility to face the challenges produced by Covid-19 difficult situations. A part-time employment permit is required from MOHRE for those who want to have part-time employment. But it must be noted that workers should be at least15 years old and more. Now all the employees who are working on probation must have to give a 14 Days notice to the employer. It is a rule when the employee has to leave the United Arab Emirates.

If he is moving to a new firm then 30 days’ notice will be required, and the New Employer will also compensate the OLD Employer The probation period rule has also been revised. The employees who think that they are very smart and once they will leave the country and come back later then they must also be informed that within 3 months of the return, the New Employer still has to compensate the OLD employer. The OLD employers can also take legal action if things are found forged or wrong. Workplace Discrimination Cases are also handled

Continuous Labour and Employment Law Support

It’s a truth that Labour Law UAE is revised and the revisions are implemented from 1st Week’s Wednesday, February 2022. But it does not mean that UAE will stop producing amendments and advancements. It does not mean UAE will stop producing quality Advocates and Legal Consultants. Every year when the Lawyers and Legal Consultants, have to renew their license then they have to make sure that they are well aware of the latest or last amendments.

If people are scared post-implementation of the new laws that either lawyer will ignore it or destroy their cases, then let us tell you they are wrong. Labour and Employment Lawyers in Dubai are popular due to one of the reasons that they are every moment updated. The Labour and Employment Lawyers at Ask The Law – Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants in Business Bay, Dubai, UAE are considered among Top Few Lawyers in UAE because the Law Firm believed in Research and Development. Therefore intellectual advancements and the enhancement in legal knowledge is part of employment here. Therefore Ask The Law – Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants, is able to help people especially the largest Free Zone and Main Land companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Rak, including DIFC Dubai, ADGM Abu Dhabi.