Our Law Firm provides complete legal services in Abu Dhabi. Law is Federal therefore just Law Firm and the Lawyer has to be registered and authorized to practice in Abu Dhabi like in Dubai. Therefore we are also known as the Top Legal Consultants in Abu Dhabi and the Top Law Firm in Abu Dhabi. The service we offer covers all the legal support including Employment/Labour Law Cases, Real Estate Cases, Family Law Cases, Civil, and Criminal Law Cases, Business Court Cases, Public Prosecution, etc. We offer Legal Services in Abu Dhabi by the Best Lawyers/Advocates in Abu Dhabi & Legal Consultants in Abu Dhabi.

Law Firms and Legal Consultants in Abu Dhabi


We have a strong presence in Abu Dhabi and throughout UAE.  Our areas of competence are as follows:

Labor law

Labour law conciliates the relationship between workers, employing entities, trade unions, and government. It is based on legislation, administrative rules, federal and state constitutions, and court opinions.  However, a relationship between employee and employer is also governed by the contract they have entered into. Our legal consultant acts as a bridge between both parties and enables them to enforce their claims such as:

  • Payment of wages

  • Working hours

  • Leaves

  • Employment benefits such as pension, gratuity etc

  • Early termination of contract by employee or employer

  • Labor disputes

  • Employment of children

Criminal Law

This involves a pattern of legal rules which describes the conduct prohibited by the state as it is considered as harmful to property, people, health, safety and welfare of people. It includes crimes including drunken driving, domestic & property crimes, weapon crimes, white-collar crimes and more.


Tax related matters such as consultation on income tax, income from property, tax returns, income from business, income from capital gains, tax for the association of person (AOP) etc. Also, the tax related matters of the expatriate are handled by our advocates. Our team of legal attorney possess strong national and cross border experience regarding tax related matters.

Civil law

Civil Law defines rights of Individuals as well as combinations of people. This is the one which regulates conflicts & disputes between individuals including property matters, cheque bounce, legal contracts, harassment, threatening, defamation, property, and family law. Our Lawyers in Abu Dhabi ensure to recover a fair settlement for you that covers all the aspects.

Real estate

We have pride in maintaining a good track record related to all real estates matters such as the acquisition of property, a succession of property, transfer of property and negotiations. One of the Best Lawyers in Abu Dhabi.

Litigation and Arbitration

Litigation is the process of filing a lawsuit with the court. It is brought into court by the plaintiff against the defendant. On the other hand, our first priority is to try to reach an agreement through arbitration.

Intellectual property

Our legal attorneys are specialized in all matters related to intellectual property such as patents, trademark, sourcing, copyrights, trade secrets and data privacy and security.