Despite the difference of any Country, Continent or region, if you have worked in UAE or still working in UAE, and having some legal disputes then ASK THE LAW – Al Shaiba Advocates & Legal Consultants is your best choice. Well Manners, Experience, having good communication skills and working knowledge makes our Lawyers distinguished in the region. North America, UKUSA, Canada, France, Italy, throughout Europe, China, Indian Sub Continent, Pakistan, in short wherever you are or belong to, if you have to resolve your Employment, Financial, Property Disputes from UAE or to recover Unpaid Amounts, Outstandings then our Law Firm is the only and best option for you. Lawyer Mr Mohammad Ebrahim Hassan Al Shaiba, chairman M/s Al Shaiba Advocates & Legal Consultants, who also writes legal articles for Gulf News, take a special interest to resolve the legal disputes of expatriates so the could have a happy life in UAE and feel it like a home.

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Debt Collection Overseas

We have a separate Debt Collection Department run and led by senior Debt Collectors servicing in the region for the last 25 years. We work with an aim to deliver result oriented services for Debt Collection.

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Debt Collection in Australia

Australia has a strong presence in the UAE. Australian people have been serving on various Key and Senior positions in the United Arab Emirates. Especially in Oil and Gas, Real Estate, and Construction

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Debt Collection in UK

United Kingdom has a strong presence in United Arab Emirates. Since the formation of UAE and the discovery of OIL, British and other UK National people and companies have played a great role.

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Debt Collection in USA

USA or United States of America is a country which does not need anything for identification. USA is providing the world best services, Skilled and Educated Workers, Engineers, as well as IT services.

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