Debt Collection Dubai

Debt Collection Dubai or Debt Recovery Services, have been the highest discussed matter in Dubai and UAE. Creditors are always interested to be paid by the Debtors as soon as possible. Debtors are also found not to pay intentionally and unintentionally. Therefore Creditors seek a solution where Debtors could be approached by a reliable entity for a quick recovery. ASK THE LAW – Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants, have a separate and fully dedicated Debt Collection Department run and led by senior Debt Collectors with the support of Advocates servicing in the region for the last 25 Years. We work with an aim to deliver result-oriented services for Debt Collection in all the Emirates of UAE. This is an “Amicable Settlement” indeed to recover the outstanding amounts/debts through a professional collection process. Our staff has the great market knowledge and great exposure to helping companies in maintaining Cash Flow, and continue business operations. A quick recovery outside the Court.

Debt Collection Agency

We are more than a Debt Collection Agency in Dubai, we are a Law Firm. Debt Collection Service Dubai by us is more than any other Debt Collection Service in Dubai. Dubai Debt Recovery Laws need to be understood first. First, we need to have a complete grip over these. If we have then we can serve. We have therefore we serve. Unpaid Invoices Recovery, Unpaid Salaries Recoveries, unpaid Purchase Orders etc, there are several unpaid things which we can help out you better than others. If it becomes a Civil Case then we have the Top and Best Civil Lawyers in Dubai.

A Fastest Debt Recovery Dubai services require your extensive knowledge of the market and resources. We can proudly say that we have been servicing in the region for around Two Decades, which makes us reputed and distinguished among others. Therefore our market knowledge and approach are unique and better than others. We are a fully established Emirati Law Company with a supported Debt Collection Department with an expert team of Debt Collectors and Lawyers in Dubai.

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We have a good name in the market and no doubt one of the best law firms in Dubai, which is owned by the Most Senior Emirati Advocate in Dubai and UAE. Our Debt Collectors, Lawyers, and other staff members have great knowledge of the market, businesses, business owners, and their operations. We are the one who has resolved a large number of cases, probably more than 25,000 in UAE. We also have clients from the UK, USA, France, Canada, Australia, North America, Europe, Pakistan, and India, who are doing business in UAE by having their own companies or with other companies. Therefore our Debt Collection Dubai is for Local UAE-based Businesses as well as “Overseas Businesses” operating with having interests in UAE or having a sister company in UAE. We are very proud to say that we have the best Debt Collectors, Lawyers in Dubai, UAE.

A Reputed Law Firm’s dedicated Debt Collection Department

A reputed Law Firm’s dedicated Collection Department is more than a Debt Collection Agency. Why do we say it’s more than Debt Collection Agency as we are a full-service registered Law Firm with a team of experienced Lawyers and Debt Collectors. Debt Recovery Dubai services require extensive knowledge of the market and companies. That is why we say that we are more than a Debt Recovery Agency, we are more than a dedicated Collection Department, we are more than Debt Collectors. We have been successfully working with more than a 90% Success Rate. The Services are offered for B2b means Business To Business, B2C means Business To Customer.

Apart from this we also help Employees to recovery the Unpaid SalariesUnpaid End of Service Benefits, Unpaid Gratuity, Unpaid Profits, Unpaid Investments, Unpaid Business Shares, Trade/Commercial Debts, Individual Debts, Overseas Debts to UAE, Debt Consolidation with Banks, and more. Credit Reporting/Check Service is also offered where we can help out you to find out the credit status of an employee before he is hired.

Free Debt Collection Consultation

We are offering Free Debt Collection Consultation with our Debt Collectors and Lawyers. You just need to give us a call or send your inquiry by Email.

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Agreement Drafting

Ask The Law – Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants also offer Business, Loan, and Investment Documents Drafting Services. We also help companies to individuals in reviewing the documents.

Please Be Aware

Please Be Aware. There is no Debt Recovery Strategy like Special, Moderate, By Team, Aggressive, Passionate, etc. People are made clients by introducing such useless terminologies in the market. Debt Recovery is only performed with a logical and rational approach and for this purpose Debt Collectors and Lawyers have to be smart, intelligent, well-educated, masters of communication and settlement and have good market knowledge.

Experienced Staff, Debt Recovery, Return on Investment, and The Trust!

Debt Recovery Dubai can only be done with Experienced Staff fully supported with the resources. Debt Recovery Dubai Services by ASK THE LAW Al Shaiba Advocates are just designed to create a difference for individuals and businesses, for consumer and trade loans. We also facilitate Employees and Employers in Recoveries because of Labour Disputes. Our Consumer and Commercial Debt Collection are done through a proper channel. Our Debt Collection Practices are formed after years of practicing Recovery Services in the UAE. We have extensive experience in offering Debt Recovery Services and our practices include arbitration, amicable settlements, follow-ups, presenting the supporting documents, and more. We work with the “Win-Win and Full Devotion” business principal. Our Debt Collection services cover:

  • Unpaid Loans

  • Unpaid Service Benefits

  • And more

Debt Collection Overseas

We have a separate Debt Collection Department run and led by senior Debt Collectors servicing in the region for the last 25 years. We work with an aim to deliver result oriented services for Debt Collection.

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