Arbitration on the other hand involves two parties in dispute agreeing on the third disinterested party to act as arbitrator and resolve their dispute; arbitration process is private between two parties while litigation is not. The arbitration process is mostly short and quick while not the case with litigation. Similarly, arbitration is cheaper as compared to litigation process as it involves high court costs. Another difference when it comes to litigation vs arbitration is that judge is nominated in former scenario while decided among parties in the case of arbitration.

We have extensive expertise in dealing all kinds of legal needs of our clients, whether the litigation is related to enforcement of commercial contracts and agreements, IP rights, banking cases, criminal cases, employment and employee cases, mortgage enforcement cases, real estate sector contracts and project agreements, M & A schemes, financing and investment agreements. Our clients range from private individuals to large multi-national corporations involved in services and product deliveries to multiple territories.

Our experts have global experience of dealing with litigation and arbitration cases. We offer our services to assess your legal requirements and how to proceed with them keeping in mind local laws and regulations. The course chosen between both litigation or arbitration will be based on the very specific requirement of our clients and we are prepared to deal with both strategies.