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Banking And Finance​

Our legal team has assisted multiple banking and financial sector clients making good use of the banking and financial laws of UAE. 

banking and finance

Our legal team has assisted multiple banking and financial sector clients making good use of banking and financial laws of UAE. We are very much aware of the needs of our clients in the present harsh financial environment and government regulations. Different constraints presented by banking channels and government departments are a cause for business shortcomings of many market players, but our legal team has developed ample proficiency dealing with every kind of hurdle regarding this sector.

Global economics often suffers from ups and lows which can lead to job cuts in companies and businesses filing for bankruptcy leading to the increased overall number of debt failures. We will let you know how to deal with bad debt, debt collectors (which could be any credit card company, lender, financial company), making a complaint to government bodies regarding treatment by collectors, the legal process to file for bankruptcy and following up with it.

The government of UAE, in line with the growing global threat of terrorism and security concerns UAE government has formulated many anti-money laundering (AML) rules. Financial and banking institutions have to comply with these rules, in order to protect their clients from any legal action. We have done extensive legal guidance work both nationally and internationally regarding AML procedures and laws, by helping our clients understand which financial firms involved with their businesses should be pushed for compliance with AML laws and what are regulatory requirements which that should be taken care of by their associates.

Our legal team is well versed with international AML laws which help us guide our clients better. We are confident that from large banking and financial institutions to private individuals everyone can benefit from our legal assistance in adhering to regulations of the state. We have offered the utmost expertise to resolve the disputes with Banks as well. If you have some financial matter to resolve with BANK then our Law Firm can provide you with the settlement or court services. Our Lawyers & Legal Consultants are professional and the best in Dubai and throughout the UAE. Our services are available for UAE Citizen as well as UAE Expatrostes both.

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