Unpaid Salaries

February 8, 2022

Unpaid Salaries are the payables by the company to employees/employees. It can be a single month salary or more than a one-month salary. As per UAE Labour Law, the salary must be paid through WPS System. If the employer does not pay the salary at right time then a Labour and Employment complaint can be lodged. The employer is called there and asked to pay the employee. If it does not work and the employer does not pay then a court case is registered upon the request of the employee. Where the employer will also bear the court expense and legal interest. First please check with ASK THE LAW, and meet the best Advocates in Dubai.

  • There is no excuse for this. Even your business is not generating enough profit.
  • The employer has to pay employees the Unpaid Salaries and all the salaries on time.
  • There is no excuse to make a salary an unpaid salary.
  • Salaries must be paid on priority as per Law.
  • Even no excuse to pay half salaries or partial salaries.
  • Employees will always be having an advantage in such cases.
  • Quick judgement is passed.