Lawyers In Fujairah

Fujairah is among one of the seven emirates which make the United Arab Emirates. It is located on coastline solely on the Gulf of Oman. Government of Abu Dhabi provides subsidies and federal government grants for the prosperity of economy of Fujairah. Only Emirati national can purchase land and no foreigner is allowed to acquire land in Fujairah. The UAE culture is composed of the religion of Islam and traditional Arab culture.  Its architecture, music, attire, cuisine, and lifestyle represent the influence of Arab and Islamic culture.

ASK THE LAW-Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants is among the best UAE law firms entrusted to provide legal services in the areas such as

Labor Law

Labor law is the law related to the relationship between workers, employers, trade unions and government. It defines the set of statutory rights, obligations, and responsibilities. We advise on labor law related issues such as:

Lawyers In Fujairah

Civil law:

Civil law includes dealing with a matter such as individual rights and responsibilities during a dispute between individuals. Example: property law, family law, etc.

Criminal law:

Criminal law defines the system of legal rules defining the conduct forbidden by the law. Examples of criminal law include personal crimes, domestic crimes, drug-related issues, property crimes, and much more. No matter how complicated the issue is our clients turn to us for in depth knowledge and our track record results.

Corporate law:

it includes business and commercial services and contract law. Our attorneys strive to meet the legal needs of a business whether it’s a big organization or small.

Insurance Law:

Insurance provides protection against financial loss. People suffering a major loss from theft, fire, or some other calamity, unaware of their rights are facilitated by our legal attorneys.

Real Estate:

We offer real estate and construction services including acquisition, expansion, succession, sale, and transfer of property.

Litigation and Arbitration:

Arbitration is the process of settling a case without taking it to court. It is also known as out of court settlement. Our attorneys possess experience in mediation, trials and settlement negotiations. Also, the legal proceedings are a deal by our solicitors.

Tax consultation:

Insurance means protection against financial loss. There are different types of insurance such as life insurance, travel insurance, fire insurance, health insurance etc. we advise leading global companies as well as individuals across a wide spectrum of insurance-related matters.

Real Estate

Tax consultant provides the services of the tax return, tax audit and solutions to tax related issues. Tax efficiency, tax reduction, avoidance of tax controversy and successful resolution are some expertise of our legal consultants.