First of all, we need to understand what Alimony is about and what is this indeed. The general definition is that it is financial support that is given to a spouse by the court when they are divorced or going to be divorced. Child Support is also awarded by the court which is an obligation upon husband/male towards wife/female, when she keeps the custody of children, based on the decision taken by law. The UAE government has introduced the standard and fixed amount of alimony, child support now which can be checked with Family Law UAE or any good Family Lawyer. This is also called Spousal Maintenance sometimes. There is a complete article on this called “HOW MUCH A WIFE CAN ASK ALIMONY”.

Well, a few conditions have also to be met in this regard. Every situation and the court case can’t be the same, therefore as per law, conditions need to be met & checked first. The few things are like the total earning of a husband in a month. Wife has to prove in court about his earnings and property if he is trying to escape. A woman has to ask for the amount which is reasonable as per the income of the husband. This amount should also be legitimate so the court could accept it. Women can ask for the living expenditures as per the life he has before. If both cannot meet the lifestyle of a married couple, then divorce is issued on the basis of sharing the expense equally.

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UAE Alimony Rules:

UAE Alimony Rules are the rules which are created by a federal UAE Law. Alimony is the amount needed to be paid after the divorce. UAE Federal Law 28 of 2005, covers up and defines the rules of UAE Alimony.

  • If the divorce is initiated by the husband, then the wife becomes entitled to get the alimony. Here, the wife does not ask for a divorce. It is totally a choice of husband. Reference: Article 140, No 28 of 2005, the Personal Status Law.

  • The wife is also eligible to be paid the compensation. How Alimony is paid, Read Here How?
  • Permanent Alimony can also be paid on a monthly basis on the Installment plan, ordered by a judge. Usually, it is awarded on a monthly basis.
  • According to UAE Law of 2005 No. 28 Article 69, the alimony during the time period of IDDA has to be paid by the Husband. Food, medical, living, and miscellaneous life expenses will be paid.

  • If the husband is expired then the woman who becomes the widow can’t ask for the alimony.
  • The expense awarded can’t be more than 60% income of the husband. However, the final decision is by the court.
  • If a house is also or already given to the mother then no house accommodation is awarded to the mother as his alimony as well as alimony to kids. She can stay there and also keep the kids there.

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Further to this, it is impossible to understand for the layman. He or she has to meet a lawyer who will make the Alimony and Family Law easier for him or her. We suggest booking a legal appointment and seeing our expert lawyers. Our Expert Lawyer and Law Genius, Advocate Mr. Mohamad Ebrahim Hassan Al Shaiba, do provide legal counseling and court representation services.

Alimony to Wife and Alimony to Children, becomes a serious concern when a woman is divorced or she wants to get divorced due to reasons created by husband. Such cases take a little long time in courts therefore the legal representation should be by a lawyer who is an Emirati Lawyer and into this industry for several years. It must be by a lawyer who is well known and most trusted like Advocate Mr Mohammad Ebrahim Hassan Al Shaiba of Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants. The Best Alimony Lawyers and Spousal Support Lawyer.

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