Global concerns for cyber security are increasing as numerous cases of data and network intrusion within large multinational companies have been reported leading to severe business losses. As our dependence over IT and computerized databases is increasing, there is ever growing need for privacy and data protection. While implementing security or outreach measures, there is good chance for administering authority to breach privacy limits of individuals and others. People are much more aware about their privacy and digital rights nowadays.

Our legal team provides legal help regarding broad ranging cyber security aspects which include designing employee, customer and supplier contracts for better data and privacy protection, how to ethically implement staff monitoring tools which may range from web browsing to emails etc, handling data privacy issues rising from shared IT platforms and infrastructure, interpreting interaction between privacy laws and information laws, reporting of data security breaches, trainings related to data security, data protection aspects of different corporate activities including M & As, joint ventures and partnerships, whistleblower activities, handling different notifications, approvals and directives from government regulatory bodies with regards to internet and data security.

Our legal experts have long standing professional expertise of data and IT security matters based on experience gained from working with multiple multinational clients and helping them cope with cyber security matters legally. We believe that we can help you steer through local regulatory hurdles, enabling you to achieve global objectives. Understanding approach adopted by data protection agency in handling cyber security issues is the key towards understanding overall procedures and mitigating risks of non-compliance. We maintain close links with regulatory and are fully aware of their working methodology which helps deliver legal service which is pragmatic, business oriented and clear.