Unpaid End of Service Benefits

February 8, 2022

  • If an employee is terminated or he/she resigns then this is his/her right to be paid the end of service amount, gratuity and whatever he or she deserves.
  • Previously it was a different calculation for unlimited contracts and limited contracts. Now, there will be one calculation to count the end of service benefits.
  • The arbitray dismissal or any other kind of compesnations are somethng else and not the part of gratuity and unpaid end of service benefits. Notice period is also a different thing. Notice period will also be paid other than gratuity and compensation.
  • If employee has to pay any loan or amount to employer, then he can deduct the amount from employee.
  • End of Service needs to be paid with in the 14 Days of VISA Cancellation now, as per new or revised UAE Labour Law.
  • MOHRE is resposible for settling all such issues. If there is a court case MOHRE will issue the “Court Papers”