The process of writing or drafting law is the term called as legislative drafting. The process is more elaborately can be described as collecting raw concepts, refining and redesigning them along with choosing the right language and then carrying them to the final stage, by arranging the appropriate language in order to achieve the desired goal. The drafting process is a creative and step by step process, which is carried out by the team of highly professionals, who have specialization in the respective field. This is a process which is to be handled delicately and proficiently, leaving the loopholes in the draft is not acceptable in any case.

We are the team of experts enabling the UAE federal arbitration law or bill drafting without having any mismanagement. Our crew of professionals are very capable and deals in both Arabic as well as in the English language, to cater both the locals and the international clients. We not only deal with the UAE’s law and regulation but also our employees have sound knowledge and enough experience of working on multi-national laws also. Legislative Drafting Dubai, Bill Drafting, Drafting Manual, Legislative Drafting and much more, all by ASK THE LAW – Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants.

Area of Expertise

We are the team of professional and highly expert people to serve both the national and the international clients to deal with the drafting and billing of law but also in the administrative policies, there legislative drafting process in UAE.

  • We also focus on the international law parameters, to meet any obligation that has to be determined.

  • We also consult to the government regulatory bodies, on the regular basis, to amend or make improvements in the legislative drafting (if there is any to be needed).

  • The aim and our objective are to provide the maximum benefit to our customers in the Middle East and also internationally, with the expertise and knowledge we have, without any hassle.