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Banned Drugs in Dubai

Drug Laws Dubai – UAE Federal Law # 14 of 1995, describes that drug selling, buying, importing, production, and keeping is a criminal offence. There is no excuse if you are keeping such substance with you while travelling to Dubai, UAE and are caught. Latest, Drug Laws have created the flexibility for first-time visitors but …

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Banned Drugs in Dubai and UAE

Drugs Charges and United Arab Emirates Drugs charges are serious charges in Dubai and UAE. Once drug charges are added to your profile in UAE then will not be removed ever. People must be careful while visiting or living in UAE. Lawyers can certainly help out you when you are in a legal dispute or …

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Traits of Good Criminal Lawyers

Criminal Lawyers in Dubai act as legal representatives of the client who is facing criminal charges or intends to pursue a case against any crime that damages their right to safety and well-being. It is upon the discretion of the lawyer himself to decide whether he wants to represent the client in question or not. …

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New about cheque bounce

The cheque bounce case is no more a criminal case. It must be noted on priority. As per the latest advancements and the implementations, now the bounce cheque bank receipt will not allow the person to lodge a police complaint against the signatory, nor it will be referred to public prosecution and criminal court. The …

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