Banned Drugs in Dubai

April 21, 2022

Drug Laws Dubai – UAE

Federal Law # 14 of 1995, describes that drug selling, buying, importing, production, and keeping is a criminal offence. There is no excuse if you are keeping such substance with you while travelling to Dubai, UAE and are caught. Latest, Drug Laws have created the flexibility for first-time visitors but only on controlled medicines without prescriptions, some medications, or a few substances are just not allowed to be used in UAE but do not come under drugs. However, the overall tolerance for the drugs is Zero in Dubai and the entire the United Arab Emirates

Visitors who are visiting Dubai, UAE and the residents who are living in Dubai, must know that drug is a serious offence in Dubai. If the people are found keeping the drugs or using the drugs then they will be held accountable for charges where the law will pass the decision as per the Law implemented in Dubai and UAE. Along with drugs, a few medications are also banned in dubai along with banned drugs in dubai. Therefore, when you have to travel to Dubai then you need to take the prescriptions from a licensed Doctor. Inside the UAE, you need to have this prescription from a licensed doctor.

UAE is a signatory to many Conventions and United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. Such offices are having global implementations of Drug Laws. Such consensus on such conventions and offices makes sure that narcotic and psychotropic substances can only be used in medicines or for research purposes. There can be no drug dealing, trade or business. Therefore, UAE does not allow any kind of drug dealing, possession, selling, buying, or consumption in its territories. UAE Federal Law # 4 of 1983 & Federal Law # 14, 1995 describe the primary and fundamental requirements in this regard.

Controlled Drugs  

Controlled Drugs are another topic to be discussed. These are those drugs if not used with limitations or carefully then can become an addiction and eventually it is caused life loss. The Second Class is, Class B of Controlled Drugs, also known as Semi-Controlled. Narcotic, Psychotropic and Controlled medicines are not available freely in UAE like in other countries. All the time, the prescriptions are required as psychotropic prescriptions and narcotic prescriptions, if these are required for medical, medicine and research purposes.

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We know very well that the Zero-Tolerance policy is the way of treatment by the UAE government. Fine, Sentences and Deportations can be possible punishments. Therefore, if you are accused of and convicted of drug dealing, producing and consuming, then it means you will not be set free. But if you are caught by mistake or you are indulged by others with conspiracy then you have the right to hire the UAE National Lawyers. These UAE National Lawyers are experts to defend the people with false charges. If you have not done anything wrong then Law will protect you and your UAE National Lawyers will help you to get released and set free.