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Labour Contract Drafting

Labour and Employment Contracts are drafted by Labour Ministry. But such contracts can be amended or reviewed by Labour and Employment Lawyers, as per the requirement and as per the permissions granted by UAE Labour Law. Labour and Employment Lawyers in UAE mostly get involved when it has to: Review the Labour Contract Modify the …

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Labour Cases

Labour and Employment Cases are registered online in Dubai, by using the Dubai Court website. Cases are registered for the First Instance Court, where an initial memo and case documents are registered. MOHRE issues a court referral paper which is used to register the case. Power of Attorney is also uploaded in the system. 5% …

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Labor and Employment Law Firms

Labor and Employment Law Firms: Labor law firms or employment law firms or labor and employment law firms, continue to advise their clients on various local labor laws to national, local, and international clients. UAE Labour Law is the major Law in UAE to deal with Labour and Employment matters. Therefore International Clients will be …

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Maternity Leave and UAE Labour Law 2022

Article 30 Provisions of the New Employment Law are applicable/applied now. It has revised the OLD laws. Employers should consider before taking the action or any decision. As per Article 30, now a Woman Employee can take “60 Days=Two Months” maternity leaves. As far as paying criteria is concerned then, the first “45 Days = …

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Laws and the Lawyers – What is Needed

The entire world and all the countries in this world are governed and managed through different laws. This legislation is done by the administrators of the country with law experts. These Laws are covering from small to the biggest level of matters and entities. These matters and entities are like financial disputes, real estate disputes …

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Workplace Bullying

Workplace Bullying and Harassment Lawyers Bullying at the Working environment is definitely not a good thing and not allowed as per Labour and Employment Law. But if you are encountering harassment at your working environment, at that point there are a few different ways you can viably manage this. If you will not then it …

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