Amendments, Legal Matters and More

December 8, 2020

If you are living in UAE, having a house in UAE, the job in UAE, investments in UAE etc, then please make sure that you are provided with the complete protection by the UAE government. This is not just about physical security but this is also about monetary security, self-esteem security, goodwill security and security for all tangible and intangible assets. Therefore this is among the places in the world considered one of the best places to live, do business and have a good life. Credit goes to the UAE government for amazing infrastructure, laws, implementations of the laws etc.

UAE issues new orders and amends the laws, whenever it is required in order to protect and secure the citizens of UAE as well as people living in UAE and to make this environment friendly and safe for the investors, and people living in UAE. The UAE government, with the collaboration of all the Emirates, does its best, to protect the citizens, protect the businesses and protect the environment. UAE Labour Law, Land Departments, Rental Departments, Separate Family Courts, Separate Courts for Free Zones, Dubai Courts, Arbitration, Public Prosecution, Civil and Criminal Laws, and many other things.    

One of the very recent amendments which are about the Personal Status Code, provides the expatriates, a new option where they are provided with the right to choose the Law, which will be implemented in their inheritance, to make it ensure that the financial interest of the investor who is an expatriate in UAE, is fully protected and secured. The inheritance will be applied or dealt with based on the nationality of the person who dies, the time when he dies. It provides a feeling of security and protection to all the investors so, in the case of any sudden demise or natural incident, the assets can be saved, and investments can be saved.

As far as the other general terms are concerned then, “Will”, will be dealt in with the Law of Country mentioned in the Will. But if it is not specifically mentioned in the Will, then the law of the country the person belongs to will be applied, at the time the person dies. Please keep in mind that a person who tries to be smart while doing forged documents, and doing some illegal objects can be punished and fined, with no tolerance policy. The people who are expatriates and living in UAE and having properties in UAE like in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman and other Emirates, will be managed by the UAE Property Laws. There were also a few amendments to the family law e.g. marriage etc. The recent amendments also tell us that the law of the country will be applicable where the marriage took place if couples want to file the divorce in UAE. If their Law is found silent on some points and there is no alternative available then Sharia Law will be used to reach to a good conclusion.     

A layman who has to understand the law, amendments, and explanations in a very elaborate manner or he needs to get legal advice then the best way is to visit a good Law Firm nearby you. There are many good and professional Law Firms in UAE, owned and led by senior Emirati Lawyers and Legal Consultants, who are quite serious in their profession. We also recommend when you read news online then do not start acting upon and go to lawyers, or legal consultants who are authorised, and provide a clear idea regarding any type of law. Once again, it’s amazing management of the UAE government where only those firms are allowed to operate who get the license first, fulfil the criteria defined by the UAE government, and maintain quality services.  

Labour Law, Family Law, Civil and Criminal Law, Property Law, Rental Law, in fact, there are all types of law that are covered by the amazing Emirati Lawyers. Even if someone is seeking legal help about Cyber Crime, Wills & Estates the UAE offers Laws to protect Yes, when it comes to Lawyers, they prefer to hire Emirati Lawyers/Advocates and Law Firms. Experts also suggest that always grab the legal idea before the mess happens, before things turn messy. Consult good Lawyers and Legal Consultants. Online Blogs are a good source to get the knowledge but there might be a mistake as well. Therefore take a decision but after consulting the good lawyers hired by the good law firms.