Laws are made to Protect

March 28, 2021

Laws are made to Protect; 

Laws are made to protect the individuals who live in a certain country. These Laws are made to protect the businesses that are being managed by entrepreneurs and investors. Laws are made to protect the rights of these entrepreneurs and investors. Laws are made to protect for those who want to buy a property, sell a property or facing a rental dispute. Laws are made to protect every segment of society. Let’s discuss about few laws, for the example;

  • Labour and Employment Law e.g. Termination Laws, Hiring Rules, Absconding, Unfair Dismissals, EOSB
  • Property Laws e.g. defines criteria to buy the property, sell the property and how to rent out the property or take on rent.
  • Investment Laws tell us about the investment, company setups, taxations, penalty on the breach of Law
  • Sharia Law tells us about the Laws defined by Allah, which should be implemented by the rulers of a Muslim state. These Laws are implemented on Muslims only.
  • Immigration Laws e.g. Laws to enter in UAE, laws to leave UAE, laws to get a residence visa, laws to get golden visa etc

Let’s cut it short, all such laws are made to protect the people living in the United Arab Emirates. Being a layman you can’t simply search online or read. You just need to give a call to a good Lawyer. These Lawyers by the Emirati Law Firms like ASK THE LAW – Al Shaiba Advocates, do tell you about each and everything about these Laws.

It keeps everything in the right manner;

Law is what keeps everything going in its right manner without being unfair to any. The world of the law might seem to be mysterious for ordinary people like you and me. It might be mysterious for the layman. With all those big words and hefty paperwork, this could seem to be another realm completely out of your league and scope. When things will be in the right manner from the beginning then the chances of disputes will be less. Similarly, the right manner will also produce quality results.

A lawyer that deals with matters, disputes, conflicts or even ordinary things, related to the personal status matter e.g. divorce, child custody etc, isn’t called a divorce lawyer. Such lawyers are called family lawyers and they do more than just taking care of divorce. So not only do they have a niche but that niche has so much under its umbrella. Similarly, labour and employment lawyers are often mistaken for business lawyers. Even though they both work for the employer and employee relationship but still there is so much difference when you try to make sense of it. The labour and employment lawyers are not just representatives for people in the fancy offices and big designations. They aren’t there just for the CEOs, presidents, employees they represent the janitors or pipe-fitters and even the doorman. You could be an employee of any category but your rights are equivalent to those who have higher designations. These are represented by employment lawyers. The labour and employment lawyers deal with the relationship between the employee and employer. Making sure they are paid every penny for every hour they spend working. To make sure they are not exploited. To ensure they are free to work without being subjected to discrimination. On the other hand, business lawyers deal with business and labour matters together.

Respect the Lawyers;

Please do not be arrogant if you are a business tycoon and having the capacity to buy whatever you like. Respect the Lawyers who have to save your business image, personal image, wealth and personality. A lawsuit filed by a party for getting the compensation for the negligence might put you in very serious trouble. Respect your Lawyer and hire the best lawyer, he will not let you face the consequences.


Laws are made to protect people. Laws are also made for regulating the Lawyers. Employees or Business can apply in the Ruler’s Court against the party (law firm). This is how these persons are brought in into the discipline.