Workplace Bullying

February 11, 2021

Workplace Bullying and Harassment Lawyers

Bullying at the Working environment is definitely not a good thing and not allowed as per Labour and Employment Law. But if you are encountering harassment at your working environment, at that point there are a few different ways you can viably manage this. If you will not then it means you are increasing it yourself. Unlike bullies found in any other place, work environment bullies typically use words and activities to threaten their casualties instead of utilising their fists. Bullies found in workplaces may either be the chief or another representative, however, the standard is nobody should act in a manner for no other reason than to cause another associate to feel awkward in the workplace. If you are encountering harassment in your working environment, at that point you should consider addressing somebody in the HR office for help in settling the issue. If it does not work then you can contact the Emirati Lawyers and Legal Consultants. These Lawyers authorised and licensed, are capable of delivering the services and usually known as Labour and Employment Lawyers

Never let a bully scare you or cause you to feel awful about yourself, you should be certain about yourself and your activities and always remember your value. It might lead you to a serious mental health issue. Do not tolerate this situation and contact the senior management immediately. If they do not help, then you have the alternative option which is to hire a lawyer. Consult the Lawyers first, grab the expert opinion, get to know about your legal rights and do not delay in taking the action if it can be taken. Please be informed first you should not be a starter. If the court finds later that you were the one who started it, you can also be accountable for this. Keep silence, simple find a good Employment Lawyer, find the legal solutions and act accordingly. 

You can also submit a complaint to MOHRE/Free Zone Authority if the bullying or harassment is not stopped and company management is not stopping it as well. Keep all the records and proofs that you have gathered in light of the fact, so you could present to HR, Management or even to Court. Like we said before that If the organisation takes any action against him or provide you with all sorts of help then you do not need to worry about anything but on the other side if the organisation blames you and you know that they won’t help you and the bullying will continue then give all the record to your employment law attorney. 

We do understand it’s not easy to find a new and good job. We can understand it’s not easy to take the cases in court and bear the legal expense. But if you win the case then you can claim all your legal expense as well as compensation, if possible. Therefore it is recommended that first get a consultation then plan to take legal action. Legal Notices can be served this regard or direct a Court Case is also possible. One needs to sit with the lawyer and prepare the legal strategy.