What if you have not been paid

December 31, 2020

What if you have not been paid: 

If a person who works for a company in Dubai, a Dubai registered company and has not been paid with the salaries for the last few months, then he has the right to lodge the complaint which he should immediately. If he is terminated despite being paid then he can also ask for the 3 months salary as compensation. This is a provision granted by UAE Labour Law but please check with Lawyers first before demanding the compensation. Lawyers/Legal Consultants will give you the right idea about the exact compensation or at least an idea which is quite close to an amount acceptable for the Courts. Law also grants favour to the employee that if he has to go through serious circumstances, injury, and sickness because of the injustice at the workplace then he can also ask to be compensated through Curt. One should not resign if he is pressurised by the employer in this situation. When the employee resigns then he has to give up many of his rights. The company an employee has the contract with is fully responsible to pay the employee all the salaries, end of service benefits or the profits if any.

Labour Cases can also be lodged for unpaid salaries, unpaid end of service benefits. It is a serious case too, like other Cases. UAE Labour Law protects the employees, therefore, employers have to pay to them through WPS, which is connected with UAE Labour Law, so employees could not be cheated at all. The employer is always obliged to pay the employee the salary he has worked for. The amount which is being paid through WPS is considered the full salary by the UAE Labour Law. If an employee or employer has to sign the internal contracts then these are also accepted by Law/Courts. UAE Labour Law protects the employees, employers and also the existence of a business. Therefore the compensations through civil cases are also possible in UAE.

Employee deserves the Gratuity and End of Service Benefits at the time of finishing his contract or leaving the job. He deserves as per the UAE Labour Law and the contract type he has worked on e.g. limited and unlimited. One can check with MOHRE for the calculation or hire a personal lawyer service if he is not satisfied with the calculation done by HR of his company. Apart from this if the employee is also investing an amount in the company like buying the shares etc then he also deserves to get his right back. All it shows the amazing support by UAE Labour Law where each and every aspect is covered by UAE Labour Law. Note: Please check with licensed law firms and the lawyers before filing a case. Emirati Law Firms like Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultant are the Best Law Firms to deal with Labour and Employment matters as well as any kind of legal matter. Best Law Firms and a team of Lawyers give good confidence to clients.

The Labour and Employment Advocates: 

As it is also cleared by the name, the labour and employment advocates are the advocates who have to deal with labour cases, labour cases in court labour disputes amicably and more. They are having a speciality in Labour Cases therefore called as Labour and Employment Lawyers and Labour and Employment Lawyers in Dubai, for Dubai based Companies and the Cases. Labour Law Law Firms can provide such advocates or full-service law firms can also provide such lawyers.

Labour and Employment Advocates must be multidimensional too. Every Labour Case cannot be a pure Labour Case. Sometimes the Criminal and Civil aspects are also involved and a lawyer has to file more than one case together e.g. Labour Law, Civil Law or dealing with the public prosecutor for the same Client. There is no doubt that such lawyers are always available at Law Firms. Therefore the Law Offices must be contacted to hire such lawyers.