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ABU DHABI Immigration

ABU DHABI Immigration Let’s discuss Abu Dhabi Immigration. If you are a GCC Citizen or GCC national resident then you do not need any VISA to enter Abu Dhabi, UAE. There are many other countries like the UK, USA, France, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, Australia and many others where a free-entry VISA is required …

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Debt Collection Abu Dhabi

Debt Collection Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi is one of the Emirates of United Arab Emirates and also the capital of UAE. Being capital, Abu Dhabi has much importance therefore it is a hub of business, trade and opportunities. We all are well aware of the fact that when the business will be at its peak, …

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Significance of an initial Consultation Session

Significance of an initial Consultation Session The Internet is an invaluable hub of information. You can get the answer to any query and ambiguity. You are one click away from the knowledge about anything and everything. However, the internet does not give you tailor-made solutions to your unique legal scenarios. If you are an Abu …

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Family Lawyers Abu Dhabi

Family Lawyers in Abu Dhabi or the Marriage and Divorce Lawyers in Abu Dhabi means the advocates who are playing an active role to resolve the personal status matters of couples in ABU DHABI. These matters can be Marriage, Divorce, Child Custody, Alimony, Nafaqah and several things. Our Family Lawyers in Abu Dhabi also known …

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Public Prosecution النيابة العامة في أبوظبي

Public Prosecution is also called as النيابة العامة in Arabic. When the police or CID cases or the complaints are forwarded to next after conducting the necessary investigations then these are sent to النيابة العامة or Public Prosecution. Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution or the النيابة العامة في أبوظبي, is a separate department but part of …

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