Family Lawyers Abu Dhabi

February 22, 2022

Family Lawyers in Abu Dhabi or the Marriage and Divorce Lawyers in Abu Dhabi means the advocates who are playing an active role to resolve the personal status matters of couples in ABU DHABI. These matters can be Marriage, Divorce, Child Custody, Alimony, Nafaqah and several things. Our Family Lawyers in Abu Dhabi also known as Marriage and Divorce Lawyers in Abu Dhabi, are well known for not just helping people, but also helping them in the shortest period of time. Along with Abu Dhabi, our Family Law Support services are also available for Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and throughout UAE.


When a couple wants to create a union that is recognised legally by the religion and country. A man and a woman come to wedlock which is accepted by their religious and country law. Any marriage which is not accepted by any religious law or country law is not accepted as a legitimate marriage. Therefore the definitions and the documentation of the marriage needs to be fulfilled. For Muslims, Sharia Law needs to be fulfilled and for others, they can get married as per their religious laws. Marriage is submitted and registered in Dubai Courts so they could show themselves as a couple and perform other necessary things required for a couple. Our Marriage Lawyers in Dubai helping people in this regard.


It’s a bitter reality but a part of life. When a couple has decided to separated and they want a divorce then they need the Divorce Lawyers to finish their wedding in Court either amicably or by filling a case which is filled by the couple indeed. It is started from Al Adheed Center nowadays.


The Other services are Child Custody, Alimony, Asset Distribution and More.