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Unpaid Gratuity

An employer owes to the employee his or her unpaid gratuity, at the time the employee resigns or is terminated. As per UAE Labour Law revised in February 2022(It has been revised before but just implemented in Feb 2022), the gratuity and all the end of service benefits should be paid within 14 Days of …

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Employment Lawyers and Family Lawyers

Labour and Employment Lawyers: Labour and Employment Lawyers are booked for getting the UAE Labour Law advice and court services for the legal cases. The legal cases a labour and employment lawyer has to deal with can be of different types. A brief explanation can be as follows; End of Service / Gratuity Cases Unpaid …

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The Limited Un-Limited Contracts UAE

The Discussions about Labour and Employment Law, Labour and Employment Law disputes have been most discussed, subjects in UAE as well as the entire world. Employees around the world are always ready to earn more. This passion to earn more let them switch jobs, change the places and countries. But employers who train employees and …

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Labour Lawyers and the Services

What to Do when salaries are not paid on time? People start doing jobs with positivity, but with time they are disappointed by the employer. There are employers who do not give salaries on time. They discriminate against their employees and call them bad names, even. In many cases, the women face sexual harassment too. …

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Legal Services of Lawyers in Dubai

Legal Services of Lawyers in Dubai The Lawyers/Advocates/Attorneys use to manage a wide scope of Labour & Employment issues/disputes and the Cases which are related to how employers treat employees, salaries on time, performance issues, behaviour issues, fail to meet the targets, stealing, cheating the company, previous workers and candidates for the business, as well …

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