Public Prosecution النيابة العامة في أبوظبي

February 12, 2022

Public Prosecution is also called as النيابة العامة in Arabic. When the police or CID cases or the complaints are forwarded to next after conducting the necessary investigations then these are sent to النيابة العامة or Public Prosecution. Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution or the النيابة العامة في أبوظبي, is a separate department but part of the judicial system. Similarly, the Dubai Public Prosecution is part of the Dubai and UAE judicial system. UAE Public Prosecution is one of the best Public Prosecution Departments in the world. There are a few key reasons behind it, which we will discuss in another Blog.

This department is provided with the right to investigate further and pass the decision on all kinds of Criminal Cases. A Public Prosecutor is the expert of Law, a local UAE Advocate, who investigates the entire matter and passes a decision, which is further sent to the Criminal Court. Criminal Court final verdicts are most of the time and almost all the times are alike the decisions of the public prosecutors. A reader can assess the quality of public prosecution and the quality of public prosecutors in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE. These law experts are the super genius of Emirati Law which is a combination of UAE Law and Egyptian Law. These experts are also established as Top Advocates and Legal Consultants.

ABU Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It is one of the key commercial hubs of the UAE like Dubai, etc. ABU Dhabi is the world’s best city to live in and work in. Therefore it was necessary to establish the best judicial system and the department in the city and entire UAE. Law 23 of 2006 is the major law for the public prosecution where public prosecution was established under this law based on the orders issued by HH, Sheikh Mansoor Al Nahyan. Public Prosecution is the representative of the state and the people where it has full authority over criminal offences.

Public Prosecution passes the decisions which are sent to Criminal Courts. Criminal Courts are the final authorities to pass the final verdicts. But the capacity to investigate the matter properly is with the Public Prosecutor. Being a state representative, this law expert does his best to reach reality. The support of “EXPERTS” is a new addition to this investigation. Therefore the investigations conducted by UAE Public Prosecutors are closed to reality. All the administrative operations and state investigations are headed by the public prosecution. The chief is called the “Attorney General where other roles are as directors, deputy directors, advocates, legal consultants.