Traits of Good Criminal Lawyers

March 4, 2022

Criminal Lawyers in Dubai act as legal representatives of the client who is facing criminal charges or intends to pursue a case against any crime that damages their right to safety and well-being. It is upon the discretion of the lawyer himself to decide whether he wants to represent the client in question or not. He evaluates the case file from various aspects and gauges it from his professional experience. Consequently, he decides whether to take up the case or not.

Similarly, the client also forms an opinion of the law professional regarding his suitability and expertise to help him win his claims and get his honour restored. There are certain traits in a lawyer that reflect his professionalism and morality standards. These act as the deciding factors for the client to hire him as his official defence and prosecution representative.

Firstly, good criminal lawyers in dubai make themselves available to their clients. They allocate time and effort to do thorough research before formally proceeding with the case file. Moreover, he should be approachable to the client. The client is unaware of the basic knowledge of the law. He needs to know how the law works on each step of the legal proceedings. Hence, his attorney should allocate proper time and be available to his client to answer his queries and give a timely update regarding the case standing.

Secondly, criminal cases are usually complex. They have many associating sections of law violations. Hence, they need the supervision and handling of a law expert who is renowned for his professional talent, skill, knowledge, experience, and legal aptitude. You can’t make do with a junior-level lawyer to handle such cases involving serious offences like rape, abuse, assault, murder, theft, kidnapping, etc. Hence, a lawyer’s credibility makes him a worth-it choice for the client to invest his finances in.

There are various ways to assess the lawyer’s credibility. The client can approach the local body rankings of the attorneys to have an idea of their reputation within the law circles. Moreover, the client may also consider the reviews of past clients and word-of-mouth recommendations for that lawyer to finalize the hiring decision.

Area of Specialization:   

  • Police Department
  • Public Prosecution
  • Criminal Court

Criminal Law does not end to Police Investigation only. Though few investigations have been sent to Civil Law only e.g. Cheque Bounce etc. But there are many disputes which can only be covered and managed in Criminal Law sections. Public Prosecution is a step ahead of the police investigation. Lawyers have to submit the legal memorandums there. Lawyers have to attend the hearings there, therefore this is not ordinary stuff. It needs to call a Top Emirati Lawyer. For example, Advocate Mr Mohamamd Al Shaiba, who has been a former Dubai Police Senior Officer. He is now among the top and competent advocates. He is one of the best advocates in Dubai and advocates in the UAE for criminal cases.

Last but not least is the Criminal Court. Where people are much scared and conscious. It is a place where a junior advocate can’t enter. Therefore the Criminal Lawyers in Dubai means the Top and most Competent Criminal Lawyers in Dubai and UAE. ASK THE LAW – Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants is one of the best Law Firms in UAE and recruiting the top best criminal lawyers under the leadership of Advocate Mr Mohamamd Ebrahim Hassan Al Shaiba.