The Benefits of the Employees

September 13, 2020

Benefits of the employees given by UAE Labour Law or defined by the UAE Labour Law are like Salaries, Weekly Holidays, Annual Leaves, Sick Leaves, Annual paid salary, end of service benefits, residence visa, medical insurance etc. 30 days annual paid vacations, is the right of the employee. The criteria to pay the salary on annual leaves can be understood by visiting our other blogs. Let’s cut it short that the employer has to pay 30 days annual paid leaves. It is the right of the employee as per the UAE Labour Law. It becomes almost equal to 22 working days. As far as sick leaves are concerned then in the probation period, you are not paid for the sick leaves. Once you complete the probation period then you will have to be paid full first 15 Days. Employees must have to provide the certificate showing that the employee was sick or unable to join the office. Such a certificate is provided by the clinic and hospitals where the employee has consulted the doctor or medical practitioners. Women are also entitled to getting maternity leaves. We shall recommend checking with the Lawyers & Legal Consultants, to getting the latest idea about the total number of paid leaves, the total number of leaves allowed, the total number of unpaid leaves etc. The employer cannot fire the employee when she is on maternity leave. Muslim employees can get leaves for the Haj as well but be informed these leaves are not paid.  

If you think so that the termination has been based on a wrongful decision then you may claim the 3 months salary as compensation, which is a provision provided by UAE Labour Law. An employee can avail it by requesting through Court or requesting through the amicable settlement. He needs to work for more than one year which makes him eligible to ask for 3 months salary as compensation. Emirati Law Firms and their team of Labour & Employment Lawyers are the best options to get legal advice, expert opinion or to hire then for a Court Case. UAE Labour Law makes it mandatory, that every employee should be provided with the Medical Insurance by the employer. If he is not then he can contact the MOHRE or relevant departments. Similarly, the employer cannot charge the VISA cost nor keep the passport of the employee. The employee has the right to take the action if he is forced to submit his passport to the employer. This is described by the UAE Labour Law, which cannot be changed or challenged. The employee should not be forced by employer and employee should not breach his obligations as an employee which he or she has to perform as per UAE Labour Law. Employees are strictly prohibited to form Unions in UAE. UAE Government and UAE Labour Law protect the interest of employee therefore they are not allowed to form unions. Though this is allowed in other parts of the world we believe that there is no need for such things in UAE where laws protect human, human rights, labour rights and interests. As we recommend always, that one should consult the lawyers and get legal advice first, before making his mind.