Advise by Legal Experts

February 3, 2020

The advice by Experts; Any Store or outlet Manager, or somebody from a store or shop, is not allowed or entitled to, do a search unless he gets the consent first or there is a particular situation in which, the situation is defined or determined by Law, itself. So if anybody is searched in a shop, without his consent or situation is not quite serious or particularly, defined by Law, then he can file a complaint. He can file a complaint against Shop Manager, Shop Owner or Shop Incharge. The complaint can be filed before Public Prosecutor, which might be forwarded to Criminal Court as well. If the person wants to get damages for moral damages, insult then he has also right to file the Civil Case.

Another advice is from Labour Law UAE. If any Employee is terminated when he or she is on annual leave, then it is considered as Arbitrary Dismissal. The employee can file the complaint and also becomes entitled to receive the compensation.

UAE Law whether it is Civil Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Labour & Employment Law, Property Law, Rental Law, Wills and Estates or any other branch of Law, perfectly protects and covers the rights of people and businesses. It provides no provision to accused and they can not get an escape, only if the supporting documents and sufficient proofs are not available. An innocent person can file the Case against the accuses person or institution, for any kind of fraud, scam and injustice.

There are specialised and separate Courts for a different type of disputes so people could get quick judgement and remedy. Even criminal cases and civil cases can be filed as well to get justice as well as compensation. People, living in the UAE should not be bothered about this. Law and its implementations are always available and present, for the protection…..Note: Our intention is just to share legal knowledge. People/Readers are advised to consult lawyers before taking any legal action.