Operations of a Law Firm

June 21, 2020

Operations of  Law Firms

Law Firm is a serious Business. It’s more than a serious business, it’s like a business where maximum seriousness, professionalism and mannerism is required. It is one of those Businesses where, as much as a discipline is required along with experience, professionalism and commitment. Law Firm is a Legal Company, having a license, having a team of lawyers and Legal Consultants, having an infrastructure, having HR, having accounts and a vision to provide legal support to operating businesses as well as common people. Few Small Law Firms or the non-professional lawyers have spoiled the name of Industry, but it’s a serious business which can only be managed, run and promoted by serious and professional people. Law Firm can be a specialized Law Firm or can be a Full-Service Legal Company otherwise. Let’s throw light on the types of Law Firms. Specialized or Specific Law Firm means a Law Firm only having expertise in a specific branch of Law. Such Law Firms can be expert in Labour & Employment Law, Family Law, Civil/Commercial Law, Business Matters, Property and Rental Law etc. Others are called Full-Service Law Firms. Full-Service Law Firms offer legal support for each and every kind of legal disputes. It means they have experts capable of handling all the legal matters under one roof. Though nowadays mostly the legal companies are full service, still few are operating as specialized Law Firms. UAE also follows the same structure.

The Full-Service Law Firms

Like we stated above that Full Services Law Firms are, having the experts capable of dealing with every kind of legal matter. These lawyers are usually classified as the expert of relevant Law and called as Labour & Employment Lawyers, Family Lawyers, Civil Lawyers, Criminal Law Lawyers, Property Lawyers, Rental Law Lawyers, Wills and Estate Planning Lawyers, Cyber Law Lawyers and More. Labour & Employment Law Lawyers deal with Labour Law related disputes e.g. Arbitrary Dismissals, Unpaid Salaries, Immigrations matters, Labour Ban etc. Civil Law Lawyers deal with Financial and Corporate matters e.g. Bounced Cheques, Unpaid Purchase Orders, Unpaid Profits, Business Disputes and more, Criminal Law Lawyers are the attorneys, at home in dealing with Police Stations, Public Prosecution and Court Cases. Any matter which has Criminal Law in nature, are dealt under Criminal Law by the Criminal Law Attorneys. Wills and Estate Lawyers are the experts who advise and Wills and Estate planning.

The Lawyers & Legal Consultants

These Lawyers draft the Wills & Estate, manage Probate planning, provide advice to people on how to prepare the Will, manage the distribution of the assets, check with the Banks etc. Property related matters are dealt with in the Land Department and Rental related matters are dealt with in the Rental Department. The attorneys who are expert in these two branches of Law are called Property Lawyers and Rental Lawyers. Sometimes one Lawyer is able to manage both types of Cases, sometimes they are separate. One thing is quite important to discuss that few Law Firms claim that they are the Full-Service Law Firm, but actually, they are not. Few will also claim that they are specialized Law Firm, even if they are not. It does not mean that such legal companies are not legal companies. It means that such companies have little or minimum infrastructure and less support by the lawyers. A good or big Law Firm will always be having proper infrastructure, team and resources. This is the duty of a person who is going to hire a Law Firm that he has to differentiate and find out the differences first. The client has to hire, Client has to pay and the Client has to face the post-verdict consequences, it means that the Law Firm or the Lawyers cannot be blamed if your selection is poor. You need to study the important measures of how to hire Law Firms. You can check with people, check with law chambers or check online as well. Once you choose a few service providers then still you need to compare and finalize the one which matches your budget, expectations and requirements. We believe if any non-sense happens, then we should not blame the service provider. This is you who has to select and hire the Law Companies.

Operations of Law Firms are connected with UAE Law Ministries. It means there is a defined Court called UAE Law executed by UAE Judiciary and the rules and patterns are to be followed by everyone. Judiciary cannot go beyond these Laws, Lawyers cannot go beyond these Laws, Experts cannot go beyond these Laws and these laws are quite perfect and legitimate. Complaint registrations, Court Hearings, Expert Sessions, Verdicts, Executions, Asset Attachments etc, there are many things which are the part of a legal process. This process can be better understood by the expert of Law. Therefore, it is recommended to hire professional Law Firms, Professional Lawyers, and Legal Consultants, so there could be no ambiguity regarding legal advice, legal strategy, legal planning, legal memorandums, court appearing, and legal representations. Operations of Law Firms are meant to be offering legal services which are result-oriented. If it is, why do law firms lose their Cases? The answer to this question can be split into two ways. The first one is about the insufficient supporting documents and the witnesses and the second one is the false case. When supporting documents are not provided to the client then even an innocent person can lose the Case. When a wrong case is filed then it also leads to defeat. Sometimes wrong cases are also filed when a party wants to tease someone or drag the matter. Well, a person or company who files the wrong case and loses it in Court, has to pay penalty and compensations to other parties. Domestic matters are also dealt with in the UAE. It is fully understood by the Lawyers and Law Firms in UAE, that most of the people are expatriate here. It means they are from different Countries, Backgrounds, Culture, religions, ethnicity, races, sects and regions. Therefore, all it needs to be considered when a Domestic or Family related problem has to be resolved or managed by Lawyers. Read More.