Labor Rights

January 28, 2019

The labor law of Dubai is applicable all over the UAE. Anyone who is working in a company as an employee or employer, they should know about their legal rights as a labor. The ethnicity and nationality of the workers are just out of question. Still, there are few categories that are exempted from those laws such as; government officials including public bodies and municipalities, workers who are inducted in the armed forces, domestic servants and farmers. The labor laws are created to avoid disputes between the employer and the employee. The main purpose is to strengthen the relationship between the bosses and the workers. The UAE labor law work for every type of dispute in a company that includes; maintenance of records, employment contracts, working hours, medical and social facility, code of conduct, covering the worker’s insurance in case of accidents, and termination of the employment contracts. There are several other areas that are covered by the labor lawyers in the company.

While we are talking about labor rights, it is important that the labour should have a license to work in UAE. If you have come from another place, then you should know that the employment contract is written in Arabic first and then it is translated into English. You are advised to hire a labour lawyer so that language does not become a barrier to communication. The employment contract has all the content from the commencement of the job until the termination of the contract. If you are not satisfied with the job, then you can leave the job. It is your basic labour right to be comfortable in your workplace. In order to terminate the job, you need to give notice prior to the termination. You need to present the real reasons for leaving the job and clear all your dues. As labour, it is your right to hire a personal labour lawyer if you are not satisfied with the company’s laws and you think your talent is wasted in some way. Fight for your right as much you can! Go to Labour Lawyers in Dubai

Mistakes that You Should Avoid While Hiring an Attorney

Choosing a lawyer is one of the difficult choices, especially when you have lots of lawyers to contact them. Sometimes, we choose the wrong lawyer and lose the case. However, if we choose the right lawyer, we might win the case but there is no guarantee. There are lawyers in dubai who are practicing specialization in the specific field of law.

There are several mistakes that we make while choosing a lawyer because we are doing it for the first time. When you are choosing a lawyer, you should know about his educational and professional background. That information can tell you about the lawyer and his work pace. You should ask your friends or family to recommend you a good lawyer for your legal affair. Maybe someone would know about a professional attorney who can look at your case and give you legal advice on that. Secondly, you should trust your lawyer. Never do hurry in choosing a lawyer. Keep looking for more than one lawyer, and then interview them one by one. A personal meeting with the lawyer can tell you whether you should trust him. His body language can tell you that if he is confident in taking your case and if he can really manage the case. The lawyers do not only defend your case, but they make proper agreements and contracts for their clients. The specialist of lawyers in dubai is that they don’t take charges unless they don’t win the case. Some lawyers take upfront cost as consultation charges. Therefore, they become expensive. If the case is interesting, the lawyers will take it. One must have all the evidence against the case so that the lawyer will also make the strategies according to the evidence. A good lawyer is the one who can make the settlement for their client out of court. A person must go to a client only if the case can be resolved through court trials. Never go to your lawyer with a confused face.