Labour/Employment Law Firms and Lawyers

December 15, 2019

It is a common misconception amongst the people living in UAE, that they do not need labour  & employment lawyers for employment disputes, because the rules are already strict. However, many employers know that their workers don’t know about their rights, and so they mistreat them. The employees usually don’t talk to their employers about the discrimination happening in the office, because they do not want to lose a job. These acts shall be resolved quickly. To find the best law firm, you should choose a specialized labour/employment law firm logically and with wisdom. It should be dealing with employment-related issues such as bullying, discrimination, and termination from work.

The specialized lawyers will guide you properly, manage all the problems that come in the way of your case. However, a Full-service Law Firm can also create a difference. The employment lawyers in dubai ensure that their clients are comfortable with them while discussing the case. Therefore, you should go prepared to the lawyer. Whenever you decide to meet an expert labour and employment lawyer, jot down everything in an organized manner. He might answer all your questions, but then if you have more questions, do not hesitate to ask because you are paying for the legal services.

The labour & employment lawyer will try that you remain in your job. If not then he will do his best to get the compensation for you. However, if you lose the job; the compensation shall be made by the employer, as per the defined rules of Law. The litigation does not only apply to the employees but if you are a business owner, an employment lawyer can assist you in the business as well. He can draft the employment contract and the handbook. Every business needs legal advice for prospects. They are specialists when it comes to taking big decisions in business. Those lawyers will keep your business good, and always support it whenever the business requires legal attention. Some law firms either work for the employers or employees and some work for both. It means few law firms only serve the companies not individuals. You should know if the law firm you have chosen works for which side so, you may find the appropriate legal assistance. You are paying for litigation, so you must be sure of making the right choice for legal help.

Wrongful Termination or Arbitrary Dismissal; 

What is wrongful termination? Many people are unaware of this term, while they are facing it. When your employer asks you to leave the job immediately without giving any prior notice and any valid reason, he has done it in the wrong way. There is no way that an employee should be terminated from the job without telling him a reason for termination. The employers usually do that when they cannot afford the employee, and tell him that he is incompetent. Sometimes it is a conspiracy as well, or there might be other invalid reasons as well. Do not let your employer dodge you easily. You can file a case against him if he terminates you wrongfully. The employment lawyers in dubai are mostly dealing with termination of job cases and so they know exactly what is happening with the employees of the company.  

Maybe, the employer provides you with a reason upon asking, but if you think that you were not at fault, then consult a labour lawyer. He will try to resolve the issue and work on your case that will help you in getting into more problems. Law also states that warning letters should also be served before termination. Usually, this happens when an employee does not know his rights as a worker. The employer will try to ridicule the employee as much as they can because nowadays there are many fraudulent cases. Therefore, whenever and wherever you are applying for a job, it is better to consult a lawyer. The lawyers in dubai/legal consultants can decide for you, but if only they are told about the relevant information. Often, the client tries to provide every information regarding the job, but it cannot be linked with the case. If you have been terminated from the job, and you did not get any compensation from the company, then you should hire a lawyer who will make sure that you receive good compensation for terminated from the job. If you want your job back, then you have to hire a labour lawyer and win the case. There is no other way to get the job again. But, most people ask for compensations. Legal Consultants must be consulted even accepting a job offer especially when the role and responsibility are bigger.