UAE, Lawyers, Over Stay and The Expo

November 25, 2021

UAE VISAS and Details of Fines:

UAE and it’s few Emirates like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah etc are the places which everyone in the world wants to visit and see. They want to live here, invest here and enjoy life here. It is one of the reasons that rules and regulations made here are quite strictly enforced. There is no acceptance or tolerance policy here. Visitors come to Dubai and UAE on proper VISA, while residents do live here on a resident visa available in different types: employment visa, investor visa, golden visa etc. VISA durations are two years, three years and for golden it is 10 years. Recently the temporary visas were also introduced which will be enforced very soon. Everyone staying after the expiry of the VISA will be considered as an overstay.

There is a fine by the government for those who are staying here illegally and considered as overstayed. Once the VISA is expired then the government provides a grace period of 30 Days. The person has to renew his VISA, within 30 days or he has to leave the UAE. If the grace period has been finished then he has to pay a 125 AED fine for the very first day. From the second day, the fine amount will be 25 AED. Up to the next 6 months, 25 Days will be counted for every day. Once the 6 months have passed then the fine per day becomes 50 AED. After one year the fine amount increased to 100 AED per day.

This amount cannot be reduced or exempted unless special mercy or amnesty is granted by the ruler of the emirate or due to any federal decision. These are the fines for those who were the residents previously. People who came on Visit Visa, have to pay a different fine amount. They have to pay 200 AED for the first day, then 100 AED for the coming Days, to the time he will be staying in UAE, the very last day. He has to clear the fines before leaving the UAE, and will not be allowed to leave UAE otherwise. A service fee of 100 AED is also charged. When it comes to paying the fines then one has to go to the immigration office and pay there. There are a number of places to pay the fines which can be found by contacting the immigration department online or immigration lawyers or any Law Firm if people need some legal solution too. It’s better to renew the VISA before the expiry of grace days.

Once the VISA is expired then start the renewal process immediately. Putting the things on tomorrow and next week is the habit of lazy people, who always do suffer. Better not to be engaged in a mess. Better not to be engaged in troubles while living in the UAE. UAE is a beautiful country, rich in opportunities. The talented and hardworking people make their lives beautiful here. They make their future bright or at least they get the opportunity to make their lives and future beautiful. That is why people should not live like careless people. Pay attention to your obligations towards the country, law and society. It will keep you saved from several issues and disputes.

The Importance of Lawyers:

Lawyers are usually needed when it becomes a serious matter where lawyers are needed to remove the immigration ban or to fix the court case. When just fine needs to be paid then as we stated above there are several places where fines can be paid. The Advocates who convince the people to hire them by giving them fears or false information, just want to make their fee. This issue can be fixed by the people themselves. If there is a case that is definitely due to other reasons like police complaints, a public prosecution case or a court case then it has to be resolved by the advocates. Better to check with lawyers/legal consultants just to get the roots to fix this matter. When people are in trouble then they make the wrong decisions. But when people are confident enough and know how to control their nerves, then they can make the decisions in a better way. Just paying an overstay fine is a normal matter.

Sometimes people get overstaying, they pay the fine and get out of further fines or deportation matters. Any kind of case if the person had before, then that needs to be fixed on priority. It might be one of the reasons the VISA could not be cancelled and renewed. Fines come due to false cases, can be challenged, and it is mostly waived off by immigration as well. If a person is caught in any trouble due to unseen reasons or the reasons put on him by others, are mostly tolerated and waived off by the UAE immigration authorities. It is a very beautiful rule of this beautiful country United Arab Emirates.

The Expo 2020 has started in DUBAI. Dubai is hosting one of the world’s biggest mega-events. The total duration of the Expo is 6 months. COVID-19 is not a potential threat for UAE citizens due to its phenomenal control and vaccination policy. No one can be inside the Expo 2020, if he is not vaccinated except, he obtains the PCR test which is not more than 72 Hours OLD to get inside and visit the Expo. If he is not vaccinated or does not get the PCR test, he would not be allowed to enter inside. The visitors who are not vaccinated and over 18 years of age and keep the following ticket are entitled to a Free PCR Test. The venue is Testing Facility at DHA Expo 2020:

  • More than One Entries called as Multi Day Pass – These people with Multi Pass Entries, have 3 Free RT-PCR test facility.
  • 1 Day Entry Ticket & 1 Free RT-PCR Test facility, for the people who hold this ticket.

You have not been suffering from COVID-19. Masks are mandatory. A person not following the rules can be given a fine of 10000 AED to 50000 AED. Social Distancing needs to be observed. Enjoy your time at Expo 2020.