UAE Labour Law 2022 and Employment Lawyers

January 19, 2022

It has been waiting for a long time and finally, it came out. Yes, we are discussing Decree # 33, 2021. UAE Government announces that it will be implemented from January 2022. The announcement was from the Federal Government which means it was for all the Emirates. It also brought a WeekEnd change where the weekend has been made of 2 and half days. Where it will be started counting Post-Friday prayer to the end of Sunday. New UAE Labour Law will be implemented from February 2022. The new Labour Law will be equally applicable for all the Main Land(LLC) companies and all the Free Zone Companies. Just two Free Zones have exemption this regard;

New Labour Law has a large number of changes. A PRO or Clerical Staff can’t understand the legal things from the beginning easily like a person having legal background. We suggest you contact Labour and Employment Lawyers in Dubai, in this regard. The readers from Dubai will be having the best convenience with Dubai Labour and Employment Lawyers.

Arbitrary Dismissal can not be used or applied like before. The interpretation is changed therefore now employers must think first and check with the legal consultant about using this term called “Arbitrary Dismissal”. Employment Lawyers in Dubai are always responsible for spreading legal knowledge, saving people from making mistakes and implementing the Labour Law rules. Though they are not the executing authority they are the licensed lawyers who have the authority to provide legal opinion and knowledge to others.

Another important thing is the new “Fixed Term” contract. Now the revised employment contract is a Fixed “3 Year Contract”. There will be no more Limited or Unlimited Contract categories. All old Unlimited contracts are directed to be shifted to new limited contracts within a year time period. Companies will have to draft all new Labour and Employment contracts of employees.

Non-Competition is not a headache for the employer. Now there is no need to push employees to sign the non-competition. As per the new law, it has been made compulsory that employees have to sign the non-competition. The content of the non-competition is subject to debate. Previously as per Article 127, the employees were not bound at the time of entering into agreement or time of leaving the job.

These UAE Labour Law Lawyers of Dubai mostly are updated. But if the Lawyer is not updated then do not waste your time and money. A Lawyer and Legal Consultant must be updated with the advancements and latest laws. Therefore the Emirati Dubai Lawyers are mostly preferred by the Corporate Sector in Dubai and United Arab Emirates.