The Best Law Firm in Town

January 26, 2022

Few Words About us – The Best Law Firm in Town

Ask The Law – Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants is a Full-Service Emirati Law Company, owned by Advocate Mr Mohammad Ebrahim Hassan Al Shaiba, who writes in Gulf News, a very popular legal article. Law Firm was founded in 2005, with an aim to provide reliable and trusted legal services. It is the talk of the town now and has become one of the best Dubai Law Firms. The population of UAE is mostly comprised of foreigners who are in this country for employment and business purposes. Therefore it was a big trust factor while choosing and hiring an Advocate who will not be deceiving the client and there will be no issue of quality services and support. Several Law Firms in Dubai and their team solved this issue and we are one of those Law Firms.

Today, our Law Firm is a Big Name, not just in Dubai, but also in UAE. The Law Firm recruits a good team of Lawyers and Legal Consultants, in order to make sure that nothing is left behind while serving the clients.

A Full-Service Law Firm

A Full-Service Law Firm means a Law Firm which is specialised in the offering, all the types of legal services. It has been a trend when the Law Firms were used to be experts only in one or few expertise. With the passage of time when the competition got increased then it was realised that a Law Firm has to offer a complete package under one roof. We got evolved too, with the passage of time. Now the law firm is a Full-Service Law Firm where almost all kinds of legal matters are covered e.g. Labour and Employment Law, Civil and Criminal Law, Family Law, Business and Commerical Law, Wills and Estates, Succession Planning, Taxations, Company Formations, Investment Planning, and everything which can be a subject of a Law Firm.

Several Years of Excellence

We are not a newly born company or a junior company. A journey of around two decades provides the opportunity to serve UAE’s biggest businesses e.g. Main Land Companies, Free Zone Companies, DIFC and ADGM. Law Firms saw multiple changes and amendments in Law and always provided their clients with the most updated and advanced information. The several years of excellence, provide confidence to Law Firm to serve with much better confidence and results.

Chairman Massage

Chairman Advocate and Legal Consultant have been former DUBAI Police, senior Officer. Later he entered into this prestigious profession. This prestigious profession allows the Mr Advocate to serve the people. It is the motto of this Company and a message by the Chairman to serve the business companies and people working in the companies so they could feel Dubai and UAE like their home.

How to Book

Legal Counselling and Legal services are offered by the company. If a person or company only needs an expert opinion then legal counselling can be booked with our Emirati Advocates.

Legal Appointments Types

Legal Appointments can be in-house or Online. For Online legal appointments, one needs to contact 3-4 Days prior to the expert meeting session. For In-house sessions, the person asking for legal help can also be entertained on the same day.

Success Rate

Success can not be defined or predicted in legal services. But the score of the law company can be shared. For all kinds of cases, the company has been successful up to 90%. We are a full-time law company for several well-established Oil & Gas, Construction, Service providers and Semi-Government companies.

Debt Collection Services

The Debt Collection Services are also offered by us, to those who want to try first to recover the amount but outside the court. When the creditor does not want to finish the relationship then Law Firm like us, is the best choice. The company offers debt recovery services for unpaid invoiced to unpaid profits as well as unpaid profits on shares or dividends.

The Planned Services and Promise For Good Results

As we explained above success can’t be predicted in the beginning but the planner services can certainly carve the way to accomplish the success. We promise the best services in the town which is rarely offered by others in Dubai and UAE.