Termination Due to Corona Virus

April 5, 2020

UAE Labour Law says that the employer can not terminate the employee when he or she is on SICK Leave. It also covers the Covid-19. Article 83 says that Employee can take Sick Leaves not more than 90 Days. Such termination makes the employee ask for the compensation. From the Employer’s perspective we also want to mention that as per UAE Labour Law Article 82, the employee has to inform the employer about sickness within a maximum of 2 days. Employer also has the right to put the employee under a medical examination to verify the sickness authenticity and leave authenticity.

Above mentioned paragraph reflects the rights of employees and the employers, in the case when the employee is sick. Nowadays, this debate or question is very much common where, people are being terminated, forced to resign, or forced for leave etc due to Corona Virus. The employee may contact MOL or relevant Free Zone Authority, in case if the termination is Illegal. A suitable and reasonable compensation is also available. UAE Labour Law protects the right of every employee, employer and the business in the United Arab Emirates. For the purpose, there is a law, judiciary, public prosecutor, courts, lawyers, law firms etc. So, one could not consider himself alone and deprived if he or she is working and living in UAE. Legal Article by Lawyer Mr Mohammad Ebrahim Hassan Al Shaiba can also be read to get a detailed and elaborative legal answer. We recommend that for taking any legal action, other than this legal knowledge, one should consult first, Mr Mohammad Al Shaiba or any other Consultant as per his choice.