Practice of a Law Firm

January 16, 2020

People always look for law firms that are best when it comes to handling legal matters. Somebody they can trust. But this isn’t a very easy task. This requires a lot of research to trust someone with something so delicate. However, there are many Law firms in dubai that are excellent and well equipped to cater to all sorts of legal issues, unlike the other law firms that claim to do so but can’t deliver it. The legal problems could be of many sorts like injury claim, labour claims, commercial matters or criminal charges and even offences like drugs. The law firms in dubai are experts in handling such cases because they not only have to experience in it but have resources that help the clients. There are a lot of factors that contribute to making a firm the best in business like:

  • Experience and competence level of the lawyers
  • Number of distinguished lawyers present in the firm
  • Nature of cases it can knob
  • The expertise of the support staff that works with the lawyers
  • Responsiveness Level
  • Past History

The above-mentioned qualities are essential for any firm to become among the best law firms in dubai. But this isn’t constant; the firm needs to keep modifying it goals and objectives so that it progresses throughout and maintains the legacy of being the best. They need to mold themselves and become better than who they were before. Fresh new graduates are an asset to any company and so is it to the law firms. They are energetic, they have the zeal to try new things and come up with amazing ideas. Training them in the right way could help the future of the firm. These young lawyers in dubai should be given a chance to work alongside famous lawyers so they could be trained to become one and lead the firm. To have an exceptional portfolio increasing the number of services is a good idea. Clients like to have a place that provides solutions to all its problems. It’s also important to have international clients in the portfolio it gives you global reach and sets you internationally.  

Some words on Over Time Payment

UAE Labour Law Article 65 says, The maximum normal working hours of an adult worker in UAE, should be 8 Hours in a day and 48 hours in a week. These hours can be increased or it can be 9 Hours in commercially established businesses e.g. Hotels, Cafes and Security Guard duties. UAE Labour Law also states that normal working hours of work shall be reduced by two during Ramadan Month. Along with this, the time period which is spent by a worker in traveling/moving between his home/living place and workplace, shall not be included in his total hours of work.”