Modifications in UAE Labor Laws

October 12, 2017

The UAE Labour Laws have been modified recently in order to help the UAE economy in the global market, especially in Dubai. The changes were decided by the Ministry of Labour that has issued various Ministerial Decrees. The main purpose of changing the labour laws is to manage the foreigner’s open movement in the region and make sure that their rights are not violated.

The latest modification is done to the Wage Protection System, that was started in 2009-2010. If the employee does not get his monthly salary on time, he has the access to call on the toll-free number of Ministry of Labour and register his complaint regarding the salary issue. He can also make an online report with the help of labour card, to the Offices of Wage Protection. Upon the received complaint, online, the Offices of Wage Protection will make its investigations to get to know the reason of delayed payments.

In January 2011, the skilled and professional employees are exempted from getting a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from their employers if they want to transfer their work permit and sponsorship. There shall be no more probation period for the workers who are skilled at their job. The untrained workers need to fulfil two years of employment before they are exempted to move from one employer to the other without the NOC. That law is beneficial for skilled labour. There will be changes in fees for a work license and it would be valid for a maximum of two years. This ban has been made for the employees who violate their employment contract by leaving the job during the term.

The effective measures have been taken so that the labours can be skilled and employees shall not be scolded or discouraged to move from one company to another company. The labour law is implemented on all types of employers and employees. They should ensure, the standard of labour law before they sign or dismiss the employment contract by seeking legal assistance from the UAE Labour Law specialist who can tell them more about the UAE Labour Law.