Limited Period Contract

January 15, 2020

If a Limited Period Contract is not completed by the employee then, then the employer may file the request to MOL to put a Labour Ban on the employee. Additionally, he can also ask for Compensation usually around 45 Days. It happens in a Limited Employment Contract when it is not completed by the Employee which he has to. Such situations can be resolved and disputes can be settled amicably. Employees have only one option which is to convince the employer amicably.

If there is an absconder complaint, then the employee should file a labour complaint against the employer to prove that the absconder complaint was totally false. By filing a complaint, the employee might also ask for the unpaid amount like salaries, other benefits, commissions, etc. Once the judgement comes then it needs to be submitted to MOL. Once it is submitted then the complaint/case filed by the Employer is dismissed by the MOL. It is seen that when the employer has to pay the outstanding to employees then he tries to do such bad things. The employee may ask for compensation as well which comes under UAE Labour Law scope of work. Read More about Labour & Employment Law