Lets have a legal talk

June 6, 2020

Let’s have a legal talk in dubai, we may also call this lets become legal in Dubai. It might sound different to you because to be legal in Dubai means you need to have a residence visa or spouse/parent sponsor visa, then why a legal talk means, to become legal in Dubai. Does not it sound strange? Well, we are just changing the terminology to make it attractive for readers, we have the plan to spread this awareness, that people should know about their rights, otherwise.

We all know that employees are protected by UAE Labour Law. The government provides security and justice to expatriate and even local employees through this Law called Labour Law UAE. If anybody has been cheated, terminated on wrongful grounds, not paid, etc then he can exercise his right. For the purpose, the UAE has many good Labour & Employment Lawyers.

If the Cheque is given to you by signatory/debtor and it has been bounced then you have the right to lodge the police complaint. Based on the Bounced Cheque note/paper provided by the bank, the complaint can be lodged in Police. Police can refer the matter to the public prosecutor. This matter can also be taken to Civil Court which is the best and only option to recover the amount. Here, the claim amount, the expense is awarded to the person along with a legal interest. However, the verdicts are always up to Court as per their choice and decisions, obviously defined by UAE Law. There are many good Law Firms having Civil and Criminal Law expert Lawyers.

Family Matters are also observed in the UAE. In the last 8-10 years, family matters have been increased, therefore it has also increased the value and importance of Family Law Attorney. People are working here and living with their families. When they get disputes with their partners then they have to resolve it as well. When they want it to be resolved through Court by the Law, then they need lawyers. UAE also has many good Family Lawyers who have an amazing knowledge of Family Law.

Property and Rental matters are also common. UAE is a market especially Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah where investors consider beneficial and pride to invest their finance in real estate. It also gives birth to Real Estate Disputes related to Selling, Buying, Renting etc which are to be resolved in the Land and Rental Department. You may also find many Lawyers and Legal Consultants, having amazing experience and knowledge in this particular branch of Law.

Debt Collection is a process to recover the receivables outside the Court. We have written many blogs on the Debt Collection Process. For readers’ knowledge, we can mention here that it’s a quite effective way to recover the receivables from the market. It comes under amicable settlement outside the Court. Though if the matter is not resolved then can be taken to Court.