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November 20, 2020

Legal News should be watched by serious and responsible persons of the society like other social, political and economical news. Legal Blogs should be read by these people as well like other blogs, magazines and books. If you are an online reader then you should read online news and legal information. Newspapers are the best source of this. People who are the reader of newspapers get a better knowledge of the market and surroundings. It helps them to be alert, to be saved and not to be messed with law and order. When there is no need then, of course, there is no need to even think about the lawyers, advocates or law firms. But if there is a need then these newspapers, journals, online blogs etc also help you to hire competent lawyers and legal consultants.

UAE also introduced news laws and regulations. Laws related to Labour & Employment Law, laws related to Immigration and Residency, Laws related to property etc. Laws are only amended to make it better, friendly and easy with the people who are living here, studying here, or doing business here in UAE. All the Emirates of UAE e.g. Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and others provide great utility and opportunities to grow and have a good life. As far as new amendments are concerned then in October 2020, it is announced by the UAE Cabinet and also approved the amendment to Federal Law No 9 of 2016 (the Corporate Bankruptcy Law). The Amendment Law follows the previous amendment done in 2019 of the Corporate Bankruptcy Law. This amendment law adds a new chapter which is chapter 15 in section 4. This law, which was implemented in 2016, tells us that law provides a “legal framework to help companies in trouble to avoid liquidation and bankruptcy through various mechanisms.” Our Lawyers can help out you in this regard. Just contact them and set up the consultation session and our amazing Emirati Lawyers will provide you with legal advice and solutions. 


Public Prosecution has repeated their call against the usage of the drug, used by stressing youths that whoever is found guilty will have to face a jail sentence for not less than two years and a fine as well which is not less than Dh10,000. Zero tolerance policy in UAE for drugs use, drugs dealing, drugs selling etc. The UAE government spreads a vast amount of public messages on social media, and by using other mediums for the safety and health of people. The UAE government makes sure that everyone whether Emirati or Non-Emirati should be away from drugs. The Public Prosecutors warn that as per the Federal Law No. 14 of 1995, it prohibits the use of narcotics and other drugs. Even the medicines cannot be purchased from druggists/pharmacies without the doctor’s prescription especially the antibiotic and related medicines. It’s an amazing rule which is strictly implemented.  


The punishment criteria are quite strict. There is a zero-tolerance policy by the UAE government. UAE is one of those countries in the world where the crime rate is very low. Especially violent crimes are minimum in UAE as compared to other countries in the world. The violent crimes are like almost nothing. Drug dealing, selling, buying and usage is not tolerated by the UAE government. It is also necessary to make the environment healthy and ideal for the world. Fines, Deportations etc are the penalties. One can check with the concerned department or if it needs legal advice then book the legal consultation session with our legal consultants.    

Live and Enjoy:

UAE is one of those countries in the world where you can enjoy your life. You can enjoy and you can avail better opportunities as compared to another world. Tax-Free incomes, peaceful environment, crime-free society, good health facilities, good education, safety etc, all are the facilities one can desire or demand whether he is from a lower middle class, middle class, upper-middle-class or elite class. Therefore it is also a responsibility of the people living here not to engage in criminal activities and the businesses. If the government is supporting then the people who are living here should also cooperate with the business. Live and let other life is a good policy. Work Hard and earn through the white source of livelihood. Support others no nature could also support you in return.