Lawyers May Help you in Several Ways

February 10, 2020

Lawyers like Labour & Employment Lawyers can help you in several ways. They can help employees if they are coming across issues related to the workplace. This could include issues related to the contract, wages, wrongful termination, discrimination, absconding, labour bans, unpaid end of service benefits, unpaid gratuity or even harassment. The Lawyers can assist you with insurance claims as well. They represent you at the trials and court hearings. They serve you by drafting best Legal Memos, Contracts, Answers to Court, Answers to Counter Party and More. For Employers labour and employment lawyers can also do analysis and revisions of agreements and contracts, they also look into policy matters.

They draft Memorandum of Association, and all other business contracts, required for establishing and running a business. They also can be a spokesperson for you and act as a mediator between the workers and organizations. They can take care of a wide range of agreements like severance, contracts and all other commercial contracts. Labour & Employment Lawyers, certainly help businesses as well as individuals in many ways. Let’s throw light on a few of them; 

Legal Rights Assessment: The labour lawyers in dubai help you in understanding whether your rights have been compromised or not, they even help you determine the strengths and weaknesses of the claims your making and the pros and cons of filing a lawsuit. It’s very important to assess the rights in the beginning and to find out the Strengths and Weaknesses. 

Acting as a Legal Coach – As your legal coach, a labour lawyer will:

  • responsible for explaining the laws that are in favour of you and the ones that aren’t going to work. They will help choose what best works for you.
  • provide consultation for the claims you’ve made.
  • keep you updated regarding the court hearings
  • highlight the problem areas for you.
  • Guide you on the evidence that best supports your claim.
  • Managing all internal affairs including HR.
  • Managing all external affairs particularly for Labour Matters.
  • Do the necessary paperwork.
  • Appearing in all the Courts 1st Court, Appeal Court, and 3rd Court

Settlement: The Labour Lawyer will help you on the stages of settlement and legally represent you in front of the employer, or the employee or before the court. and further, assist you in finalizing a settlement, by drafting contracts, got it notarized and more. Handling all needful communication – drafting all letters, coherence and answering all calls related to your concern. Moreover, These lawyers also responsible for initiating the legal action in the court.

Issues related to the employee-employer relationship are increasing every year and it becomes extremely important to hire a labour lawyer especially if you are living in Dubai. This can save you a lot of trouble and get you a settlement that works best for you. If you have a big company and having a staff of more than 500 employees, then we recommend you to hire labour & employment lawyers on a permanent basis. They can be hired and these lawyers can manage HR and Legal Matters altogether.