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Lawyers and Legal Consultants

August 30, 2022

If you are passionate to explore more about the law and want to gain law knowledge, here you are at the right place. Legal Consultants and Lawyers at ASK THE LAW, help people sort out their legal matters. They also provide invaluable pieces of legal advice to various clients over complicated Legal Issues. The Debt Collection services offered by ASK THE LAW is also valuable, and result driven. The prime responsibilities of legal consultants and lawyers are to provide Legal Advice to the clients. Clients can be from the corporate world or individuals as well. For example, one company wants to file a case against another company. One employee is not getting paid. The Role is not limited to this; instead, they also have more work to do. Let’s have a look into the work of these Legal Consultants in Dubai and Advocates in Dubai, Here we go:

  • Before Handling a Legal Dispute accurately, it is even more important to identify the legal issue. In many different cases, the legal matter remains under the covers and doesn’t appear so visible. Legal Consultants have the skills and expertise that can easily highlight problematic areas. They have an understanding of laws and rules of compliance and thus, can discover risky places. This is also called as or known as “Case Assessment”. The Case Assessment should be very much concrete and perfect. A good analysis or assessment will help the legal consultants to advise better and advocates to defend the case better or represent the case better. 

  • Once the identification is done, there is a need for an in-depth analysis of the legal issue. Legal Consultants in Dubai will carefully look into the matter. They will research to conduct a complete analysis of the Legal Dispute. This is the step which comes after the Case assessment. Case Analysis is a deep study, usually performed when the client-attorney relationship is built. 

  • They also help in handling disputes. It is common for people and enterprises to come across legal disputes and thus, to settle them, legal consultants are quite handy. They offer the best possible solutions to the client to avoid further problems. An amicable settlement of a legal dispute is the motive behind all the efforts. To handle the disputes, we need Emirati Legal Consultants only, because they have the status only, to appear as advocates. They have also the right to open a Law Firm.   

  • In any legal dispute, a lot of paperwork is involved which can’t be ignored at any cost. In addition, they are also capable of preparing legal documents. They not only draft but also review the paperwork. Emirati Lawyers are also experts in drafting documents and preparing the case. The reason is simple, Emirati Lawyers and Legal Consultants are the best in the region. 

  • Legal Consultants UAE or the Advocates UAE will make sure the documents are proper and as per the compliance laws and regulations of Dubai. Moreover, they also maintain correspondence with Customers, Creditors, and other Stakeholders.

  • Legal Consultants play a vital role in ensuring that no legal action takes place against a person or an organization and for this, legal consultants are infamous and have gained immense popularity in recent years.

  • Commercial Cases or Real Estate Cases in Dubai and all over the UAE, are the biggest, most complicated and toughest litigations. Advocates in Dubai and Advocates in Abu Dhabi are the best choice for people in UAE. They are at home in managing the complicated and biggest cases in the United Arab Emirates especially Real Estate Cases, Commercial Cases, etc.

Power of Attorney needs to be given to the Lawyer. It means, just Emirati Lawyers have the authority to get the POA. Please make sure that the same lawyer should take your POA who is going to represent you in Court. Hearings can be attended by other Emirati Lawyers but the basic representation, the basic idea, and basic case preparation must be by one Lawyer. Ask The Law Legal Services are the proven services in town, in Dubai, and in UAE. The Law Company as Ask The Law – Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants, owned by Advocate Mr. Mohamamd Ebrahim Hassan Al Shaiba, is one of the top legal service providers in the United Arab Emirates.