Landlord and Tenants – Lease Agreements

January 15, 2022

When one person or party gives his property to the second person for a mutually decided time, when the second party pays to the first party for this land or the services provided then it gives birth to an agreement which is called a Commercial lease agreement. Once a property is given on lease to the tenant then he has to pay the rent as per the agreement. UAE Emirati Lawyers must be made part of this deal by both parties so both parties could be saved with their interest and no one can play the other with the bluff. These lease agreements have legal value where if either party breaches the agreement, then he has to pay and compensate the other party as per the lease agreement and as per the UAE Law.

The party who does not follow the contract can be taken to Court by another party. When the lease agreement has to be terminated or finished then the notice period must be completed, which means it must be served. While drafting the lease agreement it must be assured that the lease agreement is perfectly outlining the terms between the landlord and the tenants. There is no excuse for mistakes. There is a difference between Rental Agreement and the Lease Agreements, it must also be noticed. The major difference is the time frame. The property or big unit given for corporate purposes will be called lease agreements. Usually, worldwide the rent deals of 1 month to a year, of residential units or smaller units are managed under rental agreements. Better check with expert Real Estate Lawyers or Legal Consultants in this regard.

Acknowledgement of Lease Agreement

The way to enter into an agreement is to sign the contract, the lease contract. There are two major parties of this known as “Landlord” and “Tenant”. The duration of the agreement and the price is always clearly mentioned along with other important terms and conditions. Therefore, there is no excuse later if any legitimate term has been accepted by the tenant. Both residential and commercial deals are set on the same legal pattern but with different requirements. Obviously, the residential lease will not be bigger than a commercial lease. Advocates help both parties to get done this deal as soon as possible and fully as legal


Registrations are simply made with RERA. RERA was established in 2007 to cope with such challenges. As per Law, Dubai based landlords have to register their lease agreements with RERA. RERA is the abbreviation of Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Agency. It has to deal with and manage the Real Estate Business and Dubai Land Department. Its responsibility is to make and implement all the rules related to Real Estate, Land Department as well as Rental Agreements. It monitors the buying, selling and renting business in Dubai. Tenants always have to pay the fee of housing which is 5% of the total rent. It is not up to the landlord. It’s a fee paid to RERA by tenants. The housing fee is paid through DEWA Bill.  

A Flat Fee is also paid for lease registrations, on EJARI. It can be checked with RERA. The registrations are made with the online systems of RERA. Lawyers helping in this regard are called Real Estate Lawyers.

Notice Required for the Termination:

Before terminating the commercial lease, it is critical to be sure of the terms that are already pre-agreed in the commercial lease in order to ensure that the terminating party is compliant with the said terms. The penalties can also become payable, otherwise. UAE Law for lease agreement sets a rule where it is described that when a tenant has to finish the lease agreement by not renewing it then he has to give a 90 Days equal to three months notice to the landlord. It should be before 90 days of the expiry date. But it can also be changed if there is a special consensus between the landlord and the tenant.