Labour Law UAE 1980 Amendments – Summary

December 25, 2021

Ministry of Human Resources, MOHRE has announced the revisions in UAE Labour Law 1980 which will come into force from Feb 2022. Law Firms in Dubai and their Lawyers in Dubai will definitely be approached to understand the Law. It has to be implemented first so the real-time consequences can not be discussed here. We will discuss the revisions and important key points here;

  • Its a good news that now finally UAE Labour Law has acknowledged the Part Time Contract and accepted its implementations.
  • Part time Employees will also enjoy the annual leave as per the agreed system.
  • Remote working has also been accepted and introduced. It will reduce the issues of Emergency working, here in UAE.
  • Now there will be only fixed term contract but for the three years. It has to be renewed as per the required old system.
  • Notice Period durations are divided in three categories. 30 Days for less than 5 Years service, 60 Days for more than 5 Years service, 90 Days for more than 10 Years service.
  • Now the implementations of the new rules is quite larger and bigger than before.
  • The OLD “Arbitray Dismissal” has been removed. A new term is introduced as Un-Law Ful employment termination. Check with the Dubai Lawyers this regard please.
  • Now the gratuity must be paid with in 14 days from the date, employment is terminated. There would be heavy fines on the employer.
  • A Notice Period on probation has also been introduced. It means employee has to give the employer a 14 days notice period. It also means old employer has to be compesnated by the new employer with recruitment cost.
  • Discrimination and Harrasment will be considered with more strict rules than before.
  • The Maternity leaves have been increased. It will be 60 Days now with full amount of salary.
  • Only Basic salary will be paid on annual leaves.
  • Employees have to take the leaves as it is not like OLD system now.
  • For Non-Competitons, Two years have been considered a reasonable time.
  • Now the law is much flexible and supportive.