The Labour & Employment Lawyers

December 23, 2018

The Labour & Employment Lawyers – A Support to Labour/Employees

UAE Labour Law has been much amended and revised since its beginning. Simultaneously Labour Lawyers, have also been much professional and expert since the beginning. The reason is the developed economy, better studies, and a good environment to learn. Especially the senior Labour & Employment Lawyers in Dubai, are specialized in Labour Law UAE, and they also provide the legal advice and documentation services, to big companies in UAE for their business deals, projects, and further operations. Why senior lawyers, because they have spent decades in this industry therefore fully expert and specialized in their respective fields of law.  

The Labour Laws in UAE are very much comprehensive to protect the employees. Lawyers in Dubai and UAE are very much competent to save the labour from labour disputes as well. There is a bit different of Law between Mainland and free zone companies, but the labour lawyers are in a position to justify the difference with expertise by providing services for both type of companies and both type of employees. Along with Locals, expatriates are also served with full devotion in relation to their culture, identities and professions. Let us repeat one more thing that Mainland and Free zone companies are bit different, which means few different points which are not similar in employment deal otherwise, both work and established on the same pattern.  

Employment Contract:

Legal Support of the Labour Lawyers cover all the aspects of an employment contract. Drafting, Reviewing, issuance to the employee, employment deal, as an offer letter. So Labour & Employment Lawyers are good enough to manage this task in UAE.
For your knowledge, let us define here that employment contract can be limited or unlimited in type. Legal Support is equally available for both types of contracts. We will recommend to Employers to consult with the good labour lawyers before signing the contract.  

Labour Rights:

Salary on time, end of service benefits, entitlements, leave salary, the complaint in the ministry of labour, litigation, these are all the supports provided by the labour lawyers in dubai and UAE to employees. These Lawyers in Dubai, can be expatriates or locals, but they deal with the same scope of work.    

Lawyers in Dubai, are registered to offer legal support for labour disputes. Though not all the best, majority, especially the locals, with great knowledge and experience are a really good support to employees and employers. Usually, the legal services offered by local experienced lawyers are expansive but the expatriate lawyers are another option for those who have a normal budget. However, few expatriate lawyers are also expensive. Expensive does not mean they offer, legal support which is very much expansive but it means they charge more than others just because of their practical experience and exposure.