Immigration Advocates

March 4, 2022

Immigration – Process:

Immigration is a long and lengthy process with a lot of formalities involved in the process. In order to make this process smooth, it is usually advisable to consult a good advocate who has the expertise and experience to make sure that the process is completed smoothly and without any hindrances. There are a lot of advocates in dubai, who can handle the process of immigration. However, choosing an advocate is not an easy task, especially for the process of immigration. There are many factors that should be considered before hiring an advocate, to handle the process of immigration. A major factor while hiring an advocate is trustworthiness. In the case of immigration, a person has to disclose a lot of personal details, therefore, it is very essential that the advocate is trustworthy.

Experience is also a significant factor. There are a lot of complications that may arise during the process of immigration which can only be solved by an advocate who had faced a similar situation earlier and has the expertise to handle the process. It is also important that the advocate has recent experience since the laws of immigration change with time, and it is important that the advocate has complete knowledge and experience of recent laws and procedures.

Keeping all things aside, the main factor to consider while hiring an advocate is cost, since hiring an immigration advocate in dubai is usually expensive. It is very important to find out about all the costs associated with hiring an advocate. Many advocates charge an hourly or fixed fee, in addition to the charges for filing documents etc. Before hiring an advocate, one should be clear about all the costs that will incur and should be aware of whether the costs are justified or not. Some hidden costs may be involved in the process, so it is wise to inquire about possible hidden costs beforehand. Despite cost being an important factor while finalising an advocate, it is not always advisable to choose an advocate charging the lowest fee. Usually, good advocates charge more than their competitors but good advocates are also better suited to handle the process efficiently.

Advocates in Dubai or Lawyers in Dubai experts in Immigration affairs are equally comparable to any other country in the world. Though a residence which is called Nationality is not granted to foreigners here it does not mean they have nothing to do. The Immigration Advocates have to play/perform a key role here in the United Arab Emirates. Therefore the importance of these players is not comparable or questionable. Apart from this, these immigration advocates in dubai also help in:

  • Managing Visitor VISA, Residnece VISA, Employment VISA, or Golden VISA(New Skilled VISA Category)
  • They can also appear in court to represent the exptriates here livign on residnece VISA or tourist visa.
  • Investments, Compnay Formations


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