Examples from UAE Labour Law

March 18, 2021

UAE Labour Law Article 126: 

“UAE Labour Law Article 126, tells us that Employment Contracts shifted to new owners, make OLD and new owners, responsible together, will be for 6 Months for holding the obligations, outstandings, benefits etc”. It is an example from the UAE Labour Law. UAE Labour Law is a complete set of codes that protect employees, employers, as well as the existence of a business. Therefore this is recommended to consult the Labour and Employment Lawyers, before signing the labour contract, and the employer should also consult labour and employment lawyers, before hiring the new employees. The same advice or recommendation applies to both parties which are very important. 

Federal Law # 8, 1980: 

Federal Law # 8, 1980 throws the light on the Labour Law Rights of the employees working in the private sector of the United Arab Emirates. Article 8, tells us about the working hours of those employees working in the private sector. Employees working in Government Departments as Government Employees are not subjected to be handled by UAE Labour Law. If a special increase is needed in the private sector working hours then approval needs to be taken from the Ministry of Labour. People who are from other countries where Sunday is an official week holiday must know that Friday is an official weekly holiday in the United Arab Emirates. Article 81 tells us another very good role in favour of employees which is about working on Holidays or leaves days. It means if the employee is called to work when he has holidays or he is on leaves then he or she should be provided with another Day-Off and 50 per cent on the basic salary(not total) for that day. If alternative Day-Off is not awarded to that employee then it makes him or her get 150% on the basic salary(not total) for that day. Readers can clearly understand that UAE Labour Lawfully protects the employees working in the United Arab Emirates. But if the reader wants to know in an elaborate manner then our Lawyers and Legal Consultants are available for Legal Consultations. Another point to be understood that public holidays in the UAE can be different than in your country. The UAE government always does announce public holidays. There is no excuse like this that you have a holiday in your country which is not considered a public holiday in the UAE. Apart from this if any reader wants to know about Annual Leaves or Sick Leaves, then he can contact MOHRE or any competent and senior Emirati Lawyer. For sick leave, the criteria are that not more than 90 Days can be taken as sick leaves. Full Salary is the right of the employee for the first fifteen Days and a Half Salary for the next thirty days and Zero Salary for the remaining Forty-Five Days.

The Maternity Leave: 

The Maternity Leave which is given to ladies in the maternity, to working females, allow them as per UAE Labour Law that they can get 45 days of full salary on maternity leave but only if they/she has served more than or at least 1 years without any break. For details check with Labour and Employment Lawyers. 


We will finish the ending note in a few points as a conclusion to this post. Further, if readers want to read more, then we can be approached or our other blog posts can be visited.

  • UAE Labour Law is an amazing “Labour Law” made by the world’s best Lawyers, covering and protecting the rights of local and expatriate workers across the world.
  • Employees have full privilege to Enjoy Work and Life. Employers can’t explore them just due to the reason that the Employer owns the Company. Labour and Human Rights can’t be exploited by business owners. 
  • Similarly, Employers are also fully protected against the employee’s black mailing and hostility. 
  • Female Workers are also fully protected. Female Workers can easily work and enjoy life.
  • Government has a Zero Tolerance Policy on this. 
  • Apart from this, the availability of Labour and Employment Lawyers is also good. Especially the Emirati Labour and Employment Lawyers. 
  • The availability of Emirati Law Firm is also good. One can choose an Emirati Law Firm for better services.