Dutch in UAE and The Hague

March 15, 2022

It is said that approximately 500 Dutch people are living in UAE. The major part of Dutch people is living in Dubai, one of the Emirates of UAE. Netherland has one embassy in Abu Dhabi and one consulate general in Dubai. Like several other expatriates around the globe, Dutch people are also welcome in UAE and they are playing their role in the growth of UAE as well as also having a good lifestyle here too. The Hague is the city, of the Netherland, the land of Dutch people. The city has a population of around Half a Million and is also known as the city of flowers. Flowers are supported from The Hague and other parts of Holland to the entire world. It is one of the best and most beautiful cities in the world to live.

The Hague is the home for International/Global Rules, Regulations and Laws. For Example, there are many legal places and departments are there:

  • International Court of Justice
  • United Nations Judicial Arms
  • Chemical Weapon Control Organization
  • Criminal Court (International Criminal Court)
  • Arbitration Court
  • Many More