Dubai Law

April 30, 2022

Dubai Law or UAE Law is quite different from the laws in North America or UK. There are many things here considered a crime or offence which are not in USA or UK. It is recommended that first consult the lawyers in dubai or advocates in Dubai or at least legal consultants in Dubai then migrate to Dubai, start a business in Dubai, start living in Dubai etc. These are all law experts in Dubai. These law experts stop your loss in Dubai and also stop you from being trapped by people here in Dubai. We will briefly throw the light on a few such things:

  • Gambling is not allowed at all.
  • Drunk and Drive are not allowed at all.
  • Violence, Murder or any other Criminal Offences like these are not allowed.
  • Pornography is not allowed in Dubai.
  • Pork is not allowed to be imported like other meats. It is only for non-Muslims and special permission is needed for this.
  • Alcohol or Drug consumption is not allowed in Dubai.
  • There are some Dress Precautions in terms of code, restrictions etc. It should be followed.
  • Physical Relations outside the wedlock are not allowed.
  • Same Gender Sex is not allowed in Dubai. There is no concept like LGBT rights or Homosexuality rights.
  • Sharia Law is the first and foremost priority.
  • No Body can intervene in the privacy of others.
  • Any kind of financial or violent crime will be punished.
  • If a person is caught offering or giving a bribe then he will be charged with this mistake.
  • Nobody is allowed to keep weapons, except the security institutions and army or those people who are allowed for some reason.
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